Gears of War 3 announced, coming April 2011

Epic Games' Cliffy B has unveiled a Gears Of War 3 trailer on U.S. chat show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week.

The "worst kept secret" in the games industry has seen subject to several leaks recently but now it's official and coming on April 5, 2011 in North America and Asia, April 7 in Japan and April 8 in Europe and the rest of the world. According to Now Gamer, the trailer also revealed a third new enemy named the Lambent. The new enemy will fight both human and locust. Cliffy B also confirmed the new title will be based on a time after Gears 2 and will feature new weapons as well as female soldiers.

We expect Gears 3 to feature heavily at this years E3 which is scheduled for June. For now enjoy the trailer below.

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Personally, I have been very impressed with the GoW series. Great graphics, sound, gameplay, story, etc.

I've enjoyed the time I've invested in the series and look forward to GoW 3.

toastedcrumpets said,
My favourite part of the whole trailer was hearing the use of Sun Kil Moon "Heron Blue" for the background audio.

Knew I heard it before the second I heard it; love their stuff

Edited by ipodman715, Apr 13 2010, 7:00pm :

6205 said,
This series is extremely overated. Only graphics is nice, but that's all.

I found it a good series to play. The graphics are incredible on the game, but the gameplay is there also.

6205 said,
This series is extremely overated. Only graphics is nice, but that's all.

i agree although Halo is more overrated.

p.s. the best game of 2010 is easily going to be.... Mafia II (on PC) as Mafia (on PC) that came out back in 2002 is one of my all time favorite single player games. it feels like a quality mob movie and nothing holds a candle to it overall. no GTA game to date can touch Mafia imho.

Mafia 2 is not going to be the best game of the year.

Personally I'm looking forward to Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell.

First game was nice but did not really stand out of the crowd.

I had good time with it but not enough to look forward to any sequel.

I compare it to Crysis. Great gfx. Good game but definately not great.