Gears of War 3 to offer Season Pass for future DLC packs

Microsoft's biggest Xbox 360 exclusive game release for 2011 is Gears of War 3. Today the company announced that players of Epic Games' sci-fi third person shooter sequel will be offered a chance to pay for a Season Pass of DLC content for the game. As reported by Joystiq, the Season Pass will give players access to the first four DLC packs for Gears of War 3 for 2400 Microsoft points, which is about $30. The price represents a 33 percent discount for those DLC packs if they are purchased separately. There's no word on what kind of content will be released in the DLC packs. Season Pass concepts for DLC packs have previously been used for Mortal Kombat and LA Noire.

The Season Pass will first be offered for sale on September 20, the same day that Gears of War 3 ships to stores. The first DLC pack for the game is scheduled to be released sometime in November. In addition, people who purchase the Season Pass will get a free and exclusive extra: the Liquid Metal Weapon Set that turns all of your weapons into something that the T-1000 might like to use.

In related news, Epic Games has now revealed all of the multiplayer maps that will be included in the shipping version of Gears of War 3. Players can expect to play on 10 multiplayer maps, including the just announced Gridlock which is a revamped version of the map that has also appeared in the first two games in the series.

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Loved the season pass when NRS did it for Mortal Kombat. Just means more people will end up with the DLC's. If only EA Sports would get a clue...

Did we not expect this to happen? I honestly have never played the online features with Gears... I still have issues with paying for multiplayer online and especially Netflix on xbox. I don't mind paying for features that are enhancements but just for things that I'm have gotten free for years just sucks ballz... (hope that was not offensive... I know it was very prime-time boadcast television... sorry =P )

Honestly I don't see a problem with this. I'd rather a publisher produce content early while they are in the development cycle of a game (i.e. while there is a large team still working on the project) and then when needed, release that content to the public. I've always been against how Halo map packs felt forced, but I liked L.A. Noire's system and after sitting down with Gears I like this one as well. I still boycott EA Sports pass with a passion.

These DLC plans are getting out of hand. It's no secret that DLC map packs cost very little to product, and having it planned out to the extent that companies currently do is insane. In some of the Black Ops files, for instance, people have been able to know the maps in the next map pack.

This all leads me to believe that developers/publishers are making these map packs quick and then sitting on them in order to release them at times where they can maximize profit. I mean, they're businesses so I can't fault them from that aspect, but for fans it sucks, because you're paying a lot for a few maps that really don't cost developers much at all.

If I didn't love Gears of War so much I'd boycott getting it... but damn does Epic know my weakness.

I an understand a season pass for a company if you buy a lot of their games and DLC (EA Season Ticket includes 5 games) but not a season pass for one game. Epic better make a lot of good DLC so the savings are greater then the cost of the season pass or its a waste.

people who purchase the Season Pass will get a free and exclusive extra: the Liquid Metal Weapon Set

This alone is reason enough to get it! Can't wait!