GeForce 8600 Ultra, 8600 GT, 8300 GT and 8300 GS Specs

GeForce 8600 and GeForce 8300 are the two series of graphics cards which will fill the void beneath NVIDIA's already launched 8800 series. Based on the G84 core 8600 Ultra and GT will have 64 and 48 shader processors respectively with cores running at 500MHz and 350MHz. With a 256-bit memory bus and memory speeds at 1400MHz and 1200MHz the cards will replace the 7600 series of today. The launch date for these cards is about the same as for when ATI will launch R600, that is, around CeBIT at the start of March.

Except from the 8600 series Bear Eyes has also published specifications for 8300 GT and 8300 GS (via VR-Zone). These cards will replace the 7300 series of today and is based on the G86, an 80nm core. The number of shader processors has been halved to 32 and 24 respectively, while both cores will work at 500MHz. The GT model will have slightly faster memories though, 1200MHz vs. 1000MHz. With a 128-bit bus and up to 256MB the performance will most likely be reflected by the price.

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8600 Ultra might just be my next graphics card.. My good "old" 6600GT still packs a decent punch, though.

Same here. I gots me the AGP 6600. Work fine, for now. I'm hitting 87 FPS on Americas Army, with setting mixed between normal and high. I think my C2D 6300 might have a helping hand with that.

What's with the weird memory config recently, why not 512mb and 1gb, why 768mb, 640mb and the really odd one, 320mb. Sigh.

It's due to the odd 384-bit chips used. All video cards in the consumer market up to this point have used 64-bit, 128-bit, or 256-bit chips. I forget the technicality of why the 384-bit chips dictate strange memory sizes, but I think has to do with traces to the chips.