Geometry Wars headed to PC!

That's right, one of the most popular XBLA games is coming to the PC finally. It was rumored previously, but now we have confirmation that Geometry Wars is heading to the PC.

If you watch the keynote address from yesterday's start of CES, at about the 44:00 mark into the keynote, Mr. Robbie Bach introduces a video of "Games for Windows" and one of those shown (for a few seconds) is indeed Geometry Wars. Now as I've said, it was pretty much already known a version was incoming for the PC (and indeed the mobile gaming platform as well) but now we have confirmation from Microsoft itself.

Who else is excited about this whole Live Anywhere! thing? I want to play some multiplayer Uno with my 360 buds!

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Video: Microsoft CES 2007 Keynote Address

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There's a clone of this game for PC called Grid Wars.

I won't post the link, because

Geometry Wars clones exist, Grid Wars eventually became so popular that Bizarre emailed Incitti and asked him to take the game down, citing that they were "beginning to feel the effects of the Geometry Wars clones on our sales via Microsoft now and are beginning a process to begin to more robustly protect our copyright and intellectual property". The game was pulled from download on August 8, 2006, but many mirrors exist on the web.

there are some better clones, such as grid assault, but it has a 6 minute time limit cause the author diddnt want to run into the same problems.

Grid Wars II is better than grid assault. It was Grid wars II that forced the guy to take down the game.

Grid Wars II is pretty damn awesome.

Cool! I never expected this! I heard that it was coming for the mobile soon, but I never thought it would be released for the PC. Guess on prices everyone! My bet is £4.99 if it's the same as what it is on the XBLA version. Otherwise, £9.99.