Germany seeks expansion of computer spying

Looking to join other governments and expand surveillance laws, the LATimes is reporting that Germany wants to be your friend and give you a Trojan. A Trojan horse, that is.

Quote -
Expanded surveillance laws since the Sept. 11 attacks already have enabled many Western governments to monitor telephone and e-mail traffic, the conversation in Islamic militants' chat rooms and the websites visited by terrorism suspects.

Now, along with several other European countries, Germany is seeking authority to plant secret Trojan viruses into the computers of suspects that could scan files, photos, diagrams and voice recordings, record every keystroke typed and possibly even turn on webcams and microphones in an attempt to gain knowledge of attacks before they happen.

News source: [LATimes] via [Back Page News]

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I wonder how long the good guys will turn into bad guys to them... Anyone will be suspicious and the law will have the power to do whatever they want. Scary.

I hope this crappo idea get dropped faster than a hot POS in your hands...
because this truely is POS, pushed forward by the freaking conservatives that totally go make me crazy...

freaking Mr. Schaeuble!!! GO TO *****!

Glassed Silver:mac

Well - this is stupid and will never fly. Way too many ways to get around it if you are the "bad guy" in this situation. Imagine the partnerships that would have to be formed between all the Anti-Mal/Virus companies and the various governments. Not saying it couldn't be done but there are just too many variables for this to fly.

anyone willing to trade a little liberty for security deserves neither and will get neither.

paraphrased quote of Benjamine Franklin.

well, they are secretly doing it for years (lots of countries) and this is classified
but we're at a time that they seem to notice people waking up to certain realities stranger than fiction
so they simply admit they will do it.

seeking authority to plant secret Trojan viruses into the computers of suspects
Sounds like "wiretapping" taken to the next level. Instead of passively "listening" an app is actively installed to spy.

As long as it is only used on "bad guys", then it should be ok. But that "bad guy" definition is constantly changing these days (not to mention errors involving installing this spyware/malware on innocent people).

Ah but they don't know he's a bad guy until they do the tapping, if they did then they wouldn't need to tap, would they ... they could just go an arrest him.

I doubt they can give a single situation where this could be used to get info on a bad guy, that they are completely sure is bad but can't be arrested because well they don't have enough evidence to actually prove he is bad ... so bad enough to be tapped but not bad enough to be arrested? Doesn't sound much like a terrorist to me ... perhaps a serial egger or something but I'd figure a known terrorist would actually be quite easy to arrest.