Get a hotfix -- without having to call Microsoft...

You now can obtain a hotfix without having to interact with a single soul ( no phone calls etc.. ) Easy and convenient.

Take for example my previous post for the netlogon DCR - 928576 which doesnt even have a public article yet. Try it...;EN-US;928576

It errors out - no such article.

But - thanks to the Big Brainers ( seriously ) who think about our customers and really do care about their experience .. you can now simply go to this URL and download most any fix;1410&WS=hotfix

You will get a form mail in response, and in it will be a link to the http site you can download the fix from.

News source: ActiveWin

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Why does MS restrict these updates in the first place? If they improve things, why not let the public have access to them? I think everyone realizes that you shouldn't download hotfixes that don't apply to your hardware, the rest we could all use.

Thats cool and all except if your change management says you need to need to get the hotfix from MS. This is definitely the case at some places I know of.

Exactly. Especially for military members such as myself when deployed in places such as Iraq. Sometimes it's difficult to request to be patched outside of a DSN line and even then some numbers automatically cut us off after some time - usually about 15 minutes. We had satellite phones but our usage was restricted.

It's really good to know that we can do this by email now. It saves me and plenty others a lot of time and hassle.