Get drunk in style with Vivino for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users can now toast the fact that another popular app has come to their platform of choice: Vivino.

This app, which is popular on several other platforms, allows users to find, rate and share their favourite wines with friends, family and internet strangers. By signing into the app folks can the find recommendations, see reviews and learn more about their favourite bottle of wine.

One of the really cool features of Vivino is that it allows users to scan any bottle, quickly pulling information from a large database of wines. Even if your particular bottle wasn’t recognized automatically, the Vivino team can manually check and send you the info. Users can then learn what others think about that particular wine, what should be served with it, which years are considered best and so on.

There’s also a premium version of the app which adds a few extra features. The big one is getting on the Fast Track for manual matching of your wine bottles. If you’re really into wines this is probably a must-have.

The app integrates with Facebook, Twitter and even your Gmail contacts so you can stalk your friends and check out what they’re drinking. As a new release, the apps works well on Windows Phone, but we’ve already found a reproducible bug when scanning bottles, so expect a few more updates before the app is fully on par with other platforms.

Still, the basic Vivino app is free and works decently, plus it could be a great tool for the wine enthusiasts among you. You can download it by clicking here or manually searching for it in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Windows Phone Store via Windows Phone Central | Image via Windows Phone Store

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You know an app store isn't doing well when a news article about a random app being released shows up.

I find these articles helpful. First, it's a neat app and pretty well-done. Second - the WP store shares this unfortunate trait with all other app stores - there are many poorly written/poorly functional apps, so these highlights help save me some time that would otherwise be consumed digging through junk.

This is mostly a Microsoft centric site so of course there will be news about new Windows Phone apps. Head on over to iMore or AndroidPolice and you'll see them covering three to four apps a day on iOS and Android.

In a similar vein, I've been using Untappd ( for a while now, and it's actually surprisingly useful. I drink a far wider variety of beer now because you get achievements for drinking different types of beers, or beers from different countries, etc. Gamification of beer drinking made beer drinking even more fun!