Get free OnLive Micro Console with Red Faction Armageddon pre-order

If you have been wanting to try out the OnLive Micro Console and see what all this streaming game service talk is about, the company behind it is making it easier. OnLive announced this week that folks who pre-order the upcoming THQ published sci-fi shooter Red Faction Armageddon from OnLive will get the Micro Console for free along with a free OnLive PlayPass for the last game in the series, Red Faction Guerrilla. That's an extra $99 bucks of value for a game that you would normally pay $50 for.

Of course there's a slight catch. You will still have to pay for the shipping, handling, and tax charges for the Micro Console. The special offer will end at 11:59 PM Pacific time on June 6. While you can stream and play OnLive games from your PC or laptop, the Micro Console allows people to hook up their Internet connection to the device which then can be hooked up to a big screen television. It also comes with a console style controller.

OnLive officially launched last June just after E3 2010 and since then the service has added more and more games to its library of titles. Later in 2010, the company launched its Micro Console hardware. Earlier in 2011, OnLive launched its PlayBack service with over 50 games available to play for just one monthly fee, similar to the Netflix streaming video and TV service. Unlike Netflix, Onlive is a privately held company and so far has not revealed its subscription and sales numbers.

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What a horrible controller.
It's like they took everything that's crappy about the Xbox and PS controllers and mashed into one.

ahhell said,
What a horrible controller.
It's like they took everything that's crappy about the Xbox and PS controllers and mashed into one.

yea but that is why if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller you can plug one of those in and use it

I played batman arkham asylum, Homefront and splinter cell conviction, using my old Vaio Z from 2006 (Core duo 2ghz, first gen) and the experience is really great, especially using a keyboard and a mouse. I would not recommend this to Joypad addicts though because the games are mostly PC versions and are easier to play with a mouse. Note that you can plug a keyboard and a mouse in the mini console as well. I dont use the mini console because My TV has too much lag (Sony image processing). However I'm thinking of buying a decent PC monitor and plug the miniconsole on it.
One cool thing when I play on my Vaio is that the onlive application is so light in processing that I can switch from a (theatrically) 3D intense game to internet or other applications in a millisecond. It's like my laptop is brand new. I hope they will develop other non game services.
By the way Multiplayer games are also great with onlive.

still1 said,
Do people really use onlive?

I've tried it, I was in the Playpack beta they had, which was unlimited gaming for a handful of games for small fee. Only reason I'm not a subscriber is because it's very touchy in terms of latency...and there is too much latency in my internet connection, thus making it un-reliable.

xendrome said,
Plus these games that come down from OnLive are graphically stripped down versions also..

not that i have seen, now unless your in a good area where you get a good stream then the quality of the stream may be making you assume the game is a stripped down version. to me the games i have played on there like Dirt 2 and other look the same as the Pc counterparts running on my machine