Get out the bandages, Apple's stock is bleeding value

There was a lot of speculation around Apple’s stock over the past year about how high it could go. Analysts love to make wild predictions that they are not accountable for, with some saying that the share price would top $1000 or go as high as $1500 a share, but alas, it looks like those pipe-dreams may be over.

Over the past three months, Apple’s stock has been on collision course with the X axis as the price has plummeted from a high of over $700 to the current lows of $490; and the bleeding does not appear to be letting up as the stock is down another 2%, as of this posting.

The theories as to why the stock is sinking faster than the Costa Concordia range from Apple having lost its way after the death of Jobs, to iPhone 5 sales missing the mark. Another guess that has made its way around the Internet is that the iPad mini is undercutting iPad sales which is resulting in lower profits, per device, for Apple.

It’s quite interesting to see the stock fall this sharply as there must be unrest in the market regarding Apple’s future. With no significant changes to the company’s strategy in several years, it could be that Apple’s edge has finally been matched by its competitors. Whatever the reason, investors are dumping Apple stock at a significant pace which indicates that there is certainly an external factor at play.

We don’t have to wait much longer to see how Apple performed during Q4 of 2012; the company's earnings call is on January 23rd and at this point, we will find out off the massive sell-off was founded or unfounded.

Source: Yahoo

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I think I read somewhere that Apple just canceled a massive amount of iPhone5 displays?

Users simply get tired of the same old overpriced tech...

It is Good News for all of us, Apple invented the iPhone and changed the world, then everyone had to follow and provide us even better products, the Apple stuck!

The stocks going down is their wakeup call, change the world again if you want to stay number 1, or you are welcome in the books of history.

The smartphone revolution, yes. Cant remember which it was exactly, think it was an HTC, with a nice lil stylus. slideable keyboard and what not.
Oh and a start menu.

Also this was in 2003-2004 period. maybe 2005.

And in that time period, you either had a Nokia phone, or a WM phone. There where no real alternatives.

rippleman said,
watch by 2014 it will be higher then before

This is the part where you provide proof that you just funnelled all your available money into Apple stock today.

Oh, you didn't? I see.

Die Apple! Die!

This news is out of date, we are at $485 right now, what's -3%. Yay!

Anyway, you know what they say: how higher you go, how lower you fall.

Studio384 said,
Die Apple! Die!

This news is out of date, we are at $485 right now, what's -3%. Yay!

Anyway, you know what they say: how higher you go, how lower you fall.

Wow the irony of American Capitalism.

One theory is that the stockprice is always the most accurate estimate of a company's future value because it is determined by people who have read all the other estimates (and bought stock accordingly).

I strongly disagree with this because strong rise in stockprice means everyone will jump on it which leads to the price being too high. The opposite is also true. So while Nokia was underrated, Apple was overrated.

I'm shopping for options now - I'm looking to buy a contract or two with a total cost $500/share. I expect the share price closer to $600 than $500 going into the spring. If I'm wrong I'll be out a couple hundred dollars. If I'm right I'll be up a couple thousand.

Just looking at contract+strike price for February contracts and it looks like $525 is pretty much what everybody else is thinking. If you think this is a long term trend (and you're right) then you can make a lot of money off of people like me who think that after the earnings report things will pick up.

These sorts of stories are a lot more fun when you put a small amount of money on them. If you can't or won't do options you might try intrade. There's nothing up right now but you could easily start one.

The long and short of it is the company operates in a very competitive and dynamic market.. This is how there share price rose to an un sustainable number in 2011. There app delivery revenue and music sales are reliant on apple inovaiting products. As yet the form factors have changed but ios itself reminds me of comparing windows 3.11 to windows 7 or 8 when comparing to other mobile os's on/coming to market. When stacked side by side with competing products in hardware it all stacks up. It the ios platform that is letting the apple team down. I am very interested in how apples focus changes with ios 7 and how much innovation, attention to detail and ability to provide a rock solid platform unlike ios 6

All I hear is the word innovation I think most people just like to hear themselves say it. What has droid done in the world of innovation the last 4 years other larger screens ?

TurboShrimp said,
..What has droid done in the world of innovation the last 4 years...

The same thing Windows did for the desktop pc through the 90-2010 range, drove hardware to accelerate at a rapid pace.

Oh god, again. Article number 6,987 of Apple stock sliding, company not doing well. People need to realize that these Wall St manipulations happen all the time. It's all that's done to make money. Nothing new.

The top of that graph strangely coincides with the release of Win 8. And MS stock dive strangely coincided with Gates departure. Just Omens I'm sure. I mean who's afraid of Windows 8.

Good riddance.

When the Apple stock was rising there was so many smirk comments from the Apple fanboys. They wanted to smear it into your face, like you if you where a representative from Microsoft to be held accountable, event though we are just a normal consumers.

I meet this a lot. Apple fanboys thinks that I know Microsofts strategy or is part of the decision making and accuse you for all sort of stuff, as if they are part of the Apples management. Really weird.

So, simply slapping a bigger screen on an existing model causes less demand? How shocking. Suing companies like Samsung because they are beating you causes those companies to increase sales? Whodathunkit?

Now that their stock price is taking a hit, I hope that Apple finally chooses to bring out the big guns and put out products that are actually exciting, instead of milking the same stuff just because they could.

The stock is bleeding because of 6 years of making the same phone. For 3 years of making the same tablet. No innovation, no real new features and nothing to look forwarded too. And the fact Apple's most hated competitors namely Google and Samsung kicking their arse. They expect a whopping 50M+ sales. Apple ordered a whopping 65M components from varying companies. Last week they asked for production to be cut by nearly 60%.

Iphone 5 sales are bad. REAL bad. Badder than they are telling you. Need proof? We already saw leaks of the iPhone 5. After the iPhone was officially annouced by Apple, the iPhone 4S continued to have huge sales even AFTER the iPhone was avail for pre-order and even after it was avail at retail stores. The sales of the Galaxy S III also increased. Verizon report that sales of the Motorola Razr which at the time was $299.99 on contract was selling faster than the 4S and the 5 combined. Where the iPhones were $199.99 starting. The Galaxy Note which starts at $299.99 at VZW, Sprint and ATT and were also selling like crazy.

I China, Windows Phone has gained major marketshare while Apple share has stood completely still. In fact when Windows Phone 7 had reached 7% market in China.

Google now has 70% of the smartphone market. In Q3 of 2012, Samsung sold 90M phones. Numbers which only Nokia and RIM use to see. 45M were smartphones where Apple only sold 23M. Samsung devices represent 40% of all Android phones sold and the hottest sellers are all bigger than the iPhone. The Galaxy line has proven to kill Apple single handedly as a single model with different country/carrier variants. But it is just one device.

Sorry Steve Jobs, but one phone can't make a difference. The stall in innovation by APple, with products that are appearing damaged when removed from the packaging, the child labor and fights at factories, the constant speaking against Samsung and others, the suing for non-innovative lements to stall competition is now backfiring.

They deserve every bit of it. I hope they gpo totally broke and just die along with theor hated leader.

I loved Apple in the past. My first computer was an original Apple II. I also had a IIc, IIe and IIGS. Those products got me interested in the IT Field which I remain in today. But the Apple since 1997 is not that same company I use to love. I hated when Microsoft didn't pulled the plug which ultimately would have killed them off.

The iPhone is a great device, the iPad was a great device when they both were first introduced. They certainly helped push other device makers into getting with the game and playing it to win and those who played the best game are now beating Apple at its game.

Apple stock never being split because of the company's greed has shown. AT least Microsoft split its stock 9 times to help more people invest. If you unsplit the stock it would be worth over $1000 per share.

All this litigation which APple started, getting patents for stuff like slide-to-lock which existed since the days of Pharoah, who stole company names for their own products and more are now dying a slow death just like Jobs did.
The company losing its founder, really isnt the issue, Steve left them a path to follow. The problem is that path lead to non-innovative products, that have the same designa nd style, offer no major bnefeit and people have simply wised up. The iPad is really the best thing they ahve now and that wont be after Windows 8 Pro devices with full touch capability is released.

While all the Microsoft haters are bashing Microsoft for taking Windows to the next level in providing a Touch UI...Look, Macs cost much more and you cant use touch at all. You have to start somewhere. Apple was willing to start with the iPhone and iPad to talk about in 2000.

Apple sat on their laurels for 6 years on iPhone. RIM did this too and Microsoft did this too. Look what happened to them. RIM is less than half what they use to be. Nokia is no longer the device production king, and wow Apple is no longer the great innovator; or as I say thief.

Unless the NEXT iPhone or iPad is a killer innovative device, ITS OVER FOR THEM VERY QUICKLY.

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