Get Plants vs. Zombies free for Halloween

Is there anybody out there who doesn't already own a copy of PopCap Games' classic Plants vs. Zombies? Well, in case there are a few stragglers out there, PopCap Games has teamed up with the American Dental Association this Halloween in an attempt to reduce the amount of candy given out and to instead replace it with the game. They've created a website, called, where they explain the thought behind the promotion. According to the site:

This Halloween, the ADA and PopCap Games are redefining what a Halloween “treat” can be… by giving FUN instead of candy. We’re giving away Plants vs. Zombies™ download games as a sugar-free alternative, and you can join in the fun.

You can go out to PopCap's site and print out your own coupons to give to costumed children on Halloween, or you can just use the code "PEAH8R" to snag your free copy. However you can only redeem the code between October 30th and November 10th, so make sure you don't forget!

Although we think most kids would like a combination of a game AND candy, this is a great marketing move by the folks over at PopCap. We can't help but wonder if children are going to end up with dozens of coupons for a game they may already have. Note that the code is only good for the PC and Mac.

Source: Stop Zombie Mouth | Codes by PopCap

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Teebor said,
Apparently this only works in the US
I'm guessing if you have a VPN it might work as well

Seems to be, on the plus side it is discounted to $2.50US for a couple of days (so that makes up for the US only a little)

Plants vs Zombies is a must have, it is a casual game, a mix between action, strategy and it has a lot of jokes.

Brony said,
Plants vs Zombies is a must have, it is a casual game, a mix between action, strategy and it has a lot of jokes.

And a total rip off of countless of almost identical games that appeared on Kongregate, Armor Games and similar websites upto several years before Plants vs Zombies came around the corner.
Almost identical to that Angry Birds... overhyped BS, there are free flash games that have done the same and/or more for years before these games where released.