Get Ready for a Crackdown on Broadband Use

Consumers using an expanding array of broadband services, including movie downloads, video games, online backup, and streaming audio and video, are flooding the nation's broadband pipes with data--and it could cost them.

Consumer advocates say that it's only a matter of time before average high-speed Internet users get slapped with the label "hog." Craig Aaron, spokesperson for, worries that Internet users may soon be charged extra for using "too much" bandwidth or cut off from using some bandwidth-hungry software applications.

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I first have to say your post is well thought out, but i have ti disagree. the justification of the high prices in the first place was they had topay for the upgrades to the networks. Now the networks are paid for and the cost of upgrading further is cheaper, they would like to throtle us down. Now i dont know about you, but i feel like i have PAID for this network in higher rates already. Logic Goes, You charge more to pay off your investment. If your not going to drop prices after payoff, you sould reinvest to keep it up to date. Not byatch that you are not raking in Microsoft profits now and people re becomeing reliant on your service. My 8 Bits

I don't know what's going on. I pay for 6mbps with comcast and I have been checking my internet speeds daily with "" which MAY not be the best site or may not but i have always used them so i know my numbers of increased speed are accurate. I don't pay for the "speed boost" (which is supposed to be up to like 12mbps) i said i pay for 6mbps and i'm getting 18mbps (YES! EIGHTEEN MEGABITS PER SECOND). How or why this is happening I have no idea.

I don't see this ACTUALLY happening just like I didn't see alot of crap threatened by big brother to actually happen and it hasn't.

Do i think maybe prices should increase? YES. That would not hurt my feelings. Because broadband prices have been about the same (maybe gone up a dollar or two but that's not hurting anything) since broadband came out; it's even gone down for DSL around my area for about a year to $30 a month. Although when it first came out nobody was using NEAR the bandwidth that we are now. Look at everything we have that uses bandwidth now...all of our gaming consoles, our cellphones (that are wifi capable)...we are now able to download entire movies off the internet from online stores instead of buying them locally(legally), you can download entire cd's (legally) instead of going to buy them locally, and so much more. So if the price went up I would be a little bumbed but as a geek i would deal with it and go on. I thought the price jump from dial-ip prices at $10 a month to $50 a month was crazy...

BUT!!!!!! If my speeds get throttled down and i'm paying the same amount now that I was before (if they get throttled to what i am paying for then that's fine...what i am getting now is just crazy, but compared to other countries i guess it's really not, but that's another debate) i WILL BE EXTREMELYYYYYYYYY ****ED AT MY ISP AND CALL UP EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK AND RAISE HELL FOR ATLEAST AN HOUR.

It's kind of funny that this post came up because i work for AT&T. Everyone from now on who purchases our air cards doesn't get unlimited data for $59.99 a month (everyone who has it still gets unlimited UNLESS you let them convince you into changing you plan....DON'T DO THAT!) they get 5gb. Now maybe that seems like alot for a cellular companies air card, but when it's on the 3g network which is faster then DSL it kind of sucks. I think their reasons were that too many people were cutting their DSL (all owned by AT&T Jacksonville,'s AT&T [dsl, satellite, etc..] or Comcast [cable internet, tv, and VOIP] and just using their USB air card in every computer because it was just as fast and almost just as much...PLUS they can pop it out and put it in their laptop and get those same speeds in the middle of traffic or out in a field. But that's just us at work speculating....

either way I think it's stupid to be doing this or even thinking about it. with the world we live in today, imagine how dependant broadband is going to be in 5 years....10 years....20 years!!!! Just about everything is going to depend on it. WiFi will be everywhere like in europe and the speeds "SHOULD" be as great because we will need it.

This **** keeps up and i might just move my happy ass over to europe, no matter how bad i would miss the US (i don't bash my country, i love it, but some of the things we do are the kind of things that more then half of the population sit back and go "EHH!!???")....i'm not going to deal with **** like this. Because it starts with this and where does it end?
~sorry for crappy grammar and spelling, i typed this out in 2 minutes because i'm on a deadline but really wanted to comment on this~

Unless the ISP start mentioning certain things that you have downloaded (illegal movies), then I think it's stupid for them to cut off your connection.

before you all bitch too much, have a look at some of the aussie prices, you all have it easy.. i get 10 gig a month before i get shaped down to 64 k.. some plans give more bandwidth for more $$$ or you coudl go with the scammin ISPs like telstra that charge for extra downloads, i have heard of bills of 10's of thousands of dollars because peoples machines got work we havea 8 meg fibre unlimited connectioin whcih costs us a couple of grand a month.. and that was a good deal compared to some, and half the price we used to pay for a quarter of the speed..

but i do agree it is really crap to have ridiculous limits, but that guy that complained about a 200 gig limit, get a life, if you use more than that you seriously need to get out more

I didn't tell the telecoms to use the same system for delivering TV programming and phone service as the internet. If they are experiencing bottlenecks. If you are running out of grass in the sheep pasture then maybe you shouldn't be letting the horses and cows graze there too.

LOL farm stuff.

If they cap the internet, developement will slow in this country. And personally, I don't know what I'de be paying for. I'm not gonna pay $50/mo so I can browse websites, I'm gonna pay that so I can access any data I want anywhere at high-speed.

You guys and gals with Super HI Speed that bitch, should live in SW Kansas, where we pay 49.95 a month for Hi Speed Internet... download speeds from 500 kbps to 128 kbps and uploads from 300 kbps to 96 kbps.
No we are not limited but with those speeds it would be hard to limit us more than that.
Feel Free to bitch, when you hav 2MB to 8MB or 100 MB for far less than the average person who does not live in YOUR MAJOR METRO... we pay 34 c for coffee and Starbucks suks you in for 3.00 or more...
Get REAL, Hell I can not even get them to install a T1, offered to pay the installation or 850.00 buy the modem for 95.00 and pay the required 49.95 and sign a 3 yr contract... Woops they say, sorry it is to far from our area, yet they say it is available...
STFU and get real. I and many I know would pay way more than 25.00 US for the below service.

no caps

I bet they gonna keep whining about same crap after 5years when everyone and his mother going to run 100mbps+ internet connections.

In Montreal, I pay $75 Cad a month for 100GB combined ul/dl at 10mbps down and 1mbps up. They just started a new service, 50mbps down, but it's only 50GB combined a month, which isn't enough for me. Why they even bother having such high speeds with such a small bandwidth limit is beyond me. I can't imagine anyone actually being interested in that.

i cant believe you are bitching baout that, if i could get that deal i woudl jump at the chance, and p.s. how can what your doing be legal if your complaining about 100 gig a month...either that or you need to egt out of the house more

So basically, they're just bringing the world to what I call Australian Internet.... Overpriced, understaffed, horrible tech support, download limits and upload counting.

Here I was thinking that Australia may be able to catch up with the world... Unfortunately, the world seems to be coming back...

This will really suck. Want to know something interesting too? My ISP apparently "uploaded the wrong file to the cable modem". Care to guess what that file was? A bandwidth restriction. As a result, my connection went dead. Hoping that it would be fixed within a couple of hours, I simply waited it out. After it wasn't fixed, I called them up. That was the answer I got. Things were fixed shortly after I finally got through to a human. It could have been a simple mistake. However, I'm willing to guess that it was something more along the lines of this news post. I torrent Linux distros a fair bit, so I certainly won't discount the idea that it was deliberate.

Won't happen, with all the new technology that comes out you cannot possible sit there and say this person is hogging when they are legitimately downloading full films and other downloads via legal sites. iTunes is one that has movies, music, tv shows and more. Eventually there will be a service that offers HD downloads as well. I understand curbing the torrent downloads and such, go for that but this article goes to the extreme.

ahh, norway, i love this country...

20Mbit download, 0,8mbit download = about 70 US dollars per month.

No download limit, I'm going trough between 250-350gb per month (at least).

I have a ADSL2+ & Phone:
24Mbps Down /1024Kbps Up (you'll never get those but what the heck...)
60GB download limit
Free calls to fixed lines in USA/CA, GER, BE, FR, IT, FR, NL, DK, LU, IE, UK, ES, GR, FI, AT & SE
39 euros / 56.9556 U.S. dollars

****ers man...

they will pay for this, one way or another
call up the EU, they will be all over this in a second

I used to be on an unlimited package, until my ISP decided that "unlimited" really meant 200GB/month (not written anywhere, I only managed to get that out of a service rep when I phoned them). I took a look at their main page--they don't offer the unlimited package that I used to have anymore; if I recall correctly, now their top package is limited to 60GB/month.

Then there's a hidden page elsewhere on their site (burried pretty deep and difficult to find), that says that for an *extra* $25/month, you can have unlimited downloads. So I inquired about that, and the rep told me that this unwritten 200GB/month rule *still* applies, despite every indication to the contrary. And no, it's not written down anywhere, and yes, they're aware of it, and no, they don't intend to change that. That came across to me as "we'll do whatever the f*** we want".

I live a few miles out in the country and don't have any choice of ISPs other than the DSL service that reaches my street. My ISP however is large enough to offer both residential and business packages (with "we-really-mean-it-this-time-but-at-least-for-now unlimited usage"), so I had to switch from residential service (51$/month) to a business account ($84/month).

Oh, and this is for service advertised as "up to" 6mbps, but actually delivering 2.5. I fully realize that "up to" is there to cover their corporate butts from a legal perspective.

The service rep told me my usage negatively affects my neighbors--really? My little 2.5mbps trickle of a connection is affecting the 8 neighbors that live within the square mile of my house (half of which don't even have internet access)? So I asked how me paying an extra $33/month would help my neighbors, given that it all comes down the same pipe...buddy on the phone didn't have an answer for that one.

I'm not happy, but I don't have much choice. I work from home and need to VPN into the office, so I'll use whatever bandwidth I need no matter what the cost is. I just think it stinks that they can get away with their false advertising, and they know it.

people keep thinking "oh you won't use that much bandwidth anyway" WRONG!!! Things are expanding, and HD movies are the new thing! People will always keep downloading for eternity. They want more for their money! I plan to download a hell of a load this year, and I'm paying for an overpriced service that's too slow and the only one in my area... either that or go netzero which should be illegal these days. I'll put a hit out on someone if they start putting limits in my area.

God forbid they might actually use all the money they make out of us already to upgrade their networks, after all, we do pay to get the service.

They are only doing this so they dont need to upgrade from the old copper wires in the ground to fiber optics

So because the ISP's are cheap *******, the consumers must suffer.

Its called greed. Get the "customer" hooked then charge them through the nose...... Any drug pusher could tell you this. They're just using piracy as an excuse to justify it.. They're being good little capitalists.....

To me this is similar to saying - well, we can make a 7 lane super highway, but it makes more sense to have you in gridlock on a 2 lane road. Oh and that RV you are stuck behind? That's us, we can't have you going to fast disrupting the flow...

what the hell is wrong with isp's man? .... is they cannot afford people using the speed the advertise for why in the blue hell would they label them a hog or cut the service alltogether? ! ... this is crazy ... retarded isp's ...

here in toronto rogers is saying .. yeah get the service at 5 mbps for only 60$ .... .. and now they are saying you are a hog since you are paying a premium and use the entire 5mbps band ... ahhhhh ... something is going to happen sometime soon and isp's will loose enormeously.

soooo...... it's broadband when you don't use broadband????
and if you utilize the broadband bandwidth you purchased you might be throttled back to use less bandwidth??

I am going to buy a car. I can drive upto 90 MPH
However if I drive 90 MPH, the car will drop down to 55 MPH as punishment for driving 90 MPH

While i can kind of understand (but don't agree with) ISP's blocking certain types of traffic (ie BitTorrent, P2P etc.), this is ridiculous! We pay for a service, if they can't provide it then they shouldn't offer it!
People are now starting to legally download movies and other large files, why should they be throttled for using something they're paying for???

Completely agree - I pay for my services to download. Nearly as much as my ISP it seems. And I don't use torrents either or any other P2P so I can't see how they'll go about restricting certain things when you've got companies like Microsoft pushing things like IPTV and streaming movies and TV. The only thought that I can come up with is that they feel the antiquated business model of television is threatened by all of the downloading (legal or not) and that essentially they shouldn't be responsible for providing us access to their bandwidth to use a competitor's services rather than their own. Sounds like twisted logic to me, but stranger things have been done with places like the RIAA / MPAA etc...

Let's all remember, "Why would anyone need more than 640KB?". So now we just freeze the development of newer technology, just to let mpaa and riaa win. And let the internet die while we are at it.


wow... just wow...

So they want to throttle us back or make us pay more for our pretty crappy quality internet speed? Last i checked the U.S. was ranked 15 in internet speed.

right now i pay $49.95 for crappy internet... and go through roughly 50gigs a month. (about 12gigs a week)... who decides what a "hog" is when it comes to internet... because that number is about 98% me.. and i don't even use the net that much.

if they do this crap, they better uncap the download and upload rates.... i upload at 35KBps with that $49.95... and download at 370KBps with that...

would love to see new viruses that would result from this and pretty much make your computer a seed for torrents though... it'd be like mass instant messaging someones cellphone but without them knowing. (for the plans that charge per kilobyte.)
oh.. you uploaded 50gigs of data... you're now being charged $250..

So basically what they are saying is they don't want to offer a good service. They don't want to actually improve networks. They don't actually want to make a network for the enthusiast/geek who does more than browse the net. Whats the point of them doing things like FiOS and speed increases if they say you can only download X amount of data.

FCC, ACCC, EU etc should put them in there place and tell them to stfu and offer a decent service to get customers not through monopolies, huge prices, unreasonable network management bs

So, get bigger pipes. Internet will keep expanding each day, without any limits. It's up to the ISPs to keep the customer happy, or lose money big time.

Bigger pipes costs more money. They don't want to expand; they just want you and the internet to be satisfied as they screw us over.

(MaJoR said @ #1.1)
Bigger pipes costs more money. They don't want to expand; they just want you and the internet to be satisfied as they screw us over.

Much of Asia and parts of Europe now have 100Mbit residential broadband, some for as little as $70 a month, while US telecom-cable companies are doing business like it's still 1997.

Don't let them fool you, US telecoms are raking in the $$$ and they're looking for ways to maintain this status quo. They're going to try to convince you that they're running out of bandwidth, or that it costs too much. Maybe they'd like to explain how even France, who doesn't have a very good economy right now, is deploying 100Mbit fiber and the US is supposedly running out of bandwidth?

Infrastructure costs have dropped drastically since a decade ago, but US telecoms are still trying to go by those decade-old prices.