Get the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Time from Stardock!

Deck the halls, jingle some bells, roast some chestnuts and build yourself a snowman, it's Christmas Time! As the snow falls outside your window, the fire roars behind you, you start stressing out over going to the mall to shop for all of your 2nd and 3rd cousins twice removed, and you're tempted to heavily spike that glass of eggnog you're currently sipping on, take a break and grab the new Christmas Time theme from Stardock.

This is a stand-alone suite that anyone can download and run, without having to install any Stardock software. This would be a great gift to hand out to friends and family who might be interested in customizing their desktops, but don't want to spend the money on any software before seeing what they'd be getting.

The Christmas Time Desktop Theme comes with:

  • The Christmas Time Visual Style by Mormegil
  • A matching icon set
  • Themed Calendar and Snowglobe Clock gadgets
As a special bonus, we've worked with several members of the WinCustomize community to build some additional matching gadgets for this theme. I highly recommend everyone takes a look them, they're very nice and are a fun addition to this holiday theme. Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Download: Christmas Time

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The title bars in this theme being "bulky" makes sense when the snow on them is actually animated. If they were default sized or smaller, that animation wouldn't look right.

I do agree though that good Windowblinds skins are hard to find. Most of them are Vista wannabes these days or just look very bad and the actual good looking ones seem to be filled with bugs. It's like some of the themers are starting to no longer care. I've also noticed some themers are starting to get ego's and I find those people very annoying.

I unfortunately can't run it since I am using the 64bit version of Windows XP... I get an error from the installer that 64bit Windows is not supported and the installer quits...

Ah well... I guess I'll stick with the WindowBlinds themes available via

windowblind themes are junk. a LOT more people would buy WB if they had some sleek themes for it. Theres always some buggy weird lookin junk in almost all of the themes. (hint hint brad)

There are plenty of good looking WB themes, this just isn't one of them. Also, there are just as many bad msstyles as there are WB themes, so really, WB themes are not to blame. It doesn't really matter what format you use, most of the content is junk. So, once again, don't blame WB for the lack of taste on the artist's part.

Their Halloween one was nice, and this one isn't bad, but they have used the same one for the last few years now. I wish they would come up with something different.