GFFX Ultra No More

Thanks Steve for mailing us in.

Taken from HardOCP...

The GeForceFX 5800 Ultra will never make it to retail. Those of you that PreBuy the cards will still get an Ultra model with the FX Flow cooling unit. Those who don't will have the opportunity to get the non-Ultra version (400/800) off the retail shelves for a price of US$300.00. This information is unconfirmed at this time, but has been what we have been told repeatedly by different sources since Tuesday of this week.

Also, at this time it seems that the BFGTech GFFX Ultra is still for sale through Best Buy. Get'um while they are hot...not that they ever won't be....

News source: HardOCP

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Hail ATi, I had to say that, because for some reason i disliked nvidia keeping insanefreakingly high prices for thier new cards, and the new GF FX sucked anyway, benchmarks weren't even semi-impressive, it was loud, took an extra PCI slot and still got very hot, and now my geforce 2 mx400 suddenly got messed(fuels the fire) I'm fully for ATi...go ati!