Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Demo Coming Soon?

Thanks to magik for the quick heads up on this one.

We've been blessed with some nice demo action lately. We had Battlestations: Midway last week, Crackdown this week, so it would be nice to finish the month off with a nice look at some Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 action. Which we could very well be seeing as e-mails from Ubisoft have confirmed that the demo is coming "in the near future".

We did get a demo of GR:AW 2's predecessor, in the form of a multiplayer and single player demo, but that was after the release of the full game. Could it be that we get to try out the game before the release this time? That would certainly be nice, and has proven successful for Crackdown and Battlestations so far, with feedback being very positive for both.

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GRAW was definitely intense, but I ****ing hated the PhysX crap they stuck in there. (yes, I'm a PC gamer.)
FEAR kicked GRAW's butt anyways.

Yep, Yep. IMO it's way better to not realize they are releasing a demo today and then just spring it on gamers. That way it's an unexpected treat :).

i saw a link posted on a site (dead now) about GRAW 2 coming in Feb .. the demo anyways. The link was taken down but it's good to see this.