Giant Surface 2 tablet in London took 13 days to make

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has placed a giant version of its Surface 2 tablet, measuring at 17 feet tall and 27 feet wide, in the heart of London. Now Microsoft has offered more information on this new publicity stunt for the Windows RT 8.1 tablet, which we reviewed earlier this week.

Microsoft's press release says that the massive structure, placed inTrafalgar Square, was created by a company called Helix, which have made sets for many TV shows and movies, including one of our personal favorites, "Hot Fuzz". 22 team members worked a total of 13 days to make the giant Surface 2, which included a fully working keyboard.

The press release added:

“To create a working Surface at this scale is an extraordinary undertaking” said event producer Boz Temple-Morris ”very few people could do it. I think Helix’s experience working in a world of film stands them in good stead as they are used to fulfilling the grand visions of the director!”

The folks who were lucky enough to walk by the huge tablet in Trafalgar Square also had the chance to help reproduce a painting found inside London's National Gallery on its giant screen. It's too bad that this structure was apparently made just for one day in one location. We wouldn't mind seeing the big Surface 2 go on tour here in the U.S.

Update: Microsoft has uploaded a time-lapse video showing the Surface tablet being put into place in London today

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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It just so happened that I visited the National Gallery today, and came upon this event. There was a pretty good sized crowd watching two guys playing pinball on the giant Surface, using their feet to stomp the keyboard. Looked like fun!

The family in the picture doesn't look too happy. Heres' why. His daughter is asking for a specific App. Dad hesitates and says, "Im sorry sweetheart, but this device does not have the popular Apps that your friends use. I'll take you to the Apple store later." Well can I do anything with it Dad? "Well, you can type reports on it with Office." Dad I'm only in Third grade.

Slow day at work...................

Edited by JHBrown, Oct 24 2013, 7:35pm :

I had to write book reports in the 3rd grade Hell, I remember having to do a report on seahorses as far back in the first grade xD

Wapoz said,
I had to write book reports in the 3rd grade Hell, I remember having to do a report on seahorses as far back in the first grade xD
Wapoz, you are correct. Although I'm noticing from my nieces and nephews that writing isn't as important as it was back in my first grade days(early 80's). I was shocked when I found out that they no longer teach cursive in public schools. My daughter goes to a private school and they started reading and writing in cursive in Kindergarten.

-adrian- said,
So what app did she want to use
Hey Adrian,
I was just having a little fun. I'll let someone else answer that question. ;-)