Gigabyte and MSI halt Sandy Bridge sales, HP availability affected

Intel's product recall of certain Sandy Bridge chipsets, which was initially estimated to cost the company around $300 million, is expected to come closer to the region of $1 billion. BusinessWeek is reporting that several manufacturers are either delaying orders or cancelling sales altogether in an attempt to soften the blow as Intel scrambles to fix the flaw.

HP has already decided to delay a product announcement in San Francisco for next week, and also confirmed that the availability of certain products will be "impacted" by the recall. Marlene Somsak, a spokesperson for HP, stressed that there are many other unaffected products that the company sells; "HP has the broadest lineup of PCs in the industry and there are many HP choices using a wide variety of processors."

In addition, Gigabyte and MSI have halted sales of affected chipsets, with Gigabyte announcing a product exchange scheme and MSI offering a temporary solution on their website. Gigabyte have suggested customers instead use the first two SATA ports on the motherboard instead, unaffected by the flaw. Asus, meanwhile, have yet to announce their plan of action, but they hope to have a solution by the end of the business day.

The affected chipsets are in the 6 Series "Cougar Point" range, and have only been shipping since January 9th. Intel is hoping for a minimal impact from the recall, owing to the small amount of affected products, and is working with chipset manufacturers such as MSI to come up with a solution.

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WTF! I shipped a laptop to a friend in the US, which is supposed to be shipped to Egypt, and then to my country!!!

What is the problem exactly? My laptop is dv7tqe.

Will my laptop be affected?

I read that there is a solution, which is to use SATA III ports, I don't think that the laptop has these!

At least they found the defect in a relatively short amount of time. Just imagine how much this could hurt them if they were to find this a few months from now, when a lot more people are relying on Sandy Bridge-based systems.

Man am I glad I decided to go with socket 1366 with the 950 instead... I'm perfectly happy with it's performance and REALLY happy that I don't have to disassemble this thing again to return my motherboard.

I've mentioned it in the forums, but this recall couldn't have come at a worse time for Intel, at least in the US. Since Sandy Bridge based systems didn't ship until after Christmas, many people wanting to get them were likely holding off until getting their tax refunds, and most early filers started getting theirs last week or this week (mine is due Friday). I have a feeling that this recall will drive many of those potential buyers to AMD based systems, or at least to older generation i5 and i7 systems.

Also, having worked in retail for many years, I know that it can often take quite a while to purge recalled items from the distribution channels. There are likely to be flawed chipset based boards floating around for quite some time. I certainly wouldn't go shopping for a Sandy Bridge system or board on eBay any time soon.