Gigabyte reveals its second Windows 8 tablet

In October, Gigabyte announced plans to launch its own Windows 8 tablet, the S1082. This week at CES 2013, the company revealed plans to launch a second Windows 8 tablet, the S1185.

Mobile Geeks reports that this new tablet will have an 11.6 inch display and some kind of Intel third generation Core processor inside. It is also supposed to include a magnetic keyboard with mouse buttons, something called "Optical Finger Navigation" when it is in PC mode, and a front and rear camera. It will also have VGA and HDMI ports; pricing and a release date for this tablet was not announced.

The S1185, which is made more for consumers, joins the previously announced S1082 tablet from Gigabyte which is geared more for the business user. It comes in two versions; one with an SSD and the other with a standard hard drive. The 10.1 inch tablet also has a 3G antenna built inside; again made for the business traveler.

The S1082 is now on sale; a quick search shows that the pricing for the tablet starts at around $560, but that price increases depending on the size and type of hard drive.

Source: Mobile Geeks | Image via Gigabyte

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I hate how badly these companies are showing off their products with the badly applied lighting effect making it look cheap and tacky. Also the obvious stock photo in the middle. However I might be interested in this if it's affordable and released soon.

The design is a big 'meh' but that's always a matter of taste.

But that logo is as plain as it can get. That's okay for a traditional PC but I doubt anyone wants that on their tablet. It would really distract me even if I liked the design.

It's a screen surrounded by a black frame with a button, camera, and laser etched manu name. Considering that's pretty much every single tablet out... I'm curious why it's considered awful.

The big gigabyte logo? The circle on the right side? Doesn't look elegant at all. A lot of the "similar" tablets look great.

Navan said,
The big gigabyte logo? The circle on the right side? Doesn't look elegant at all. A lot of the "similar" tablets look great.

I agree. Looks crap and i hate it when a company puts their name on the front of a tablet.

I like Gigabyte products generally, been using their stuff for a long time. I would be fine with having their logo on the front of the Tablet if it was a good tablet. I don't think I would buy this though.