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Today we are going to take a look at GIGABYTE's high end motherboard, the X48T-DQ6. GIGABYTE makes two versions of this board utilizing Intel's X48 chipset. The X48 which is a DDR2 variant and the X48T which is the DDR3 version that we will be covering today. The X48 brings minimal changes to the chipset when compared to the X38 and the only tangible difference should be more overclocking headroom.

In recent years GIGABYTE has truly reinvented itself as a leader in innovation. In today's world the name of the game, or color to be more specific, is green. We have green cars, green homes and now you can add motherboards to the growing list of items going green. GIGABYTE has made a concerted effort to produce motherboards that use the least amount of energy possible without sacrificing performance. A task not easily accomplished. To this end they have dubbed this innovation DES or Dynamic Energy Saver. A system which can adjust voltage, power phases and clocks speeds of the board and CPU to ensure as little energy as possile is wasted while providing as much power as needed.

Is it possible to have a power efficient system without losing performance? Let's find out.

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I'm a little disapointed because, for a brand-new motherboard boasting all the latest, i would expect improvements in design from previous DQ6 boards.

I have a P965-DQ6 and it is great, has been working 24/7 without any issue, except that i can't boot from usb sticks (i still don't know why is this happening).

For the latest in motherboards from Gigabyte i would expect some new features, such as ASUS convenient CMOS reset button in the back and pehaps some other stuff like better cooling system. I do find it great, but i'm not going to make an upgrade to it anytime soon. Maybe when new offerings come out...