Give a little Xmas cheer with a Google Blacklist E-Card

Like their paper counterparts, most Christmas E-Cards get a quick glance before ending up in the virtual trash.

One British design studio set out to change that with a little help from Google and the result will certainly catch a few eyes. Dubbed ''The Google Blacklist Christmas Card'' (NSFW) the site, put together by London-based Nation, takes a list of less-than-common words and throws in some Flash to make an E-Card generator with a difference. While they aren't the kinds of Christmas greetings you'd send to your mother, it's definitely a different take on holiday cheer. Just be prepared to do a bit of clicking to come up with a card that won't have your friends avoiding you like the plague this festive season.

The list of words is drawn from hacker site 2600, which determined through a process of trial-and-error earlier this year which words Google considered inappropriate for its Instant Search users to stumble upon. Searching for any of the words using Google Instant Search delivers a blank screen - users must hit Enter to reveal the results of their unsavoury search.

Nation is no stranger to quirky ideas - in July, the firm created a unique way of helping people decide what to make for dinner. As with Google Blacklist Christmas Card, this site is not one to open at your office workstation - the URL speaks for itself.

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guranga said,
people really will moan about anything

I hate your comment, it makes my eyes bleed!
And that soap you use, ugh! It smells!

lunamonkey said,
You sure they are all blacklisted? I've typed some of them in before and got some excellent results

That's what I thought too, it's only for Google Instant. Google Instant won't show the results, but pressing enter will.