Giveaway: 15 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta keys [Update]

It's one of the biggest game franchises of all time and it's getting a new installment. We are talking about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new entry in the multiplayer shooter series that began as a free Half-Life 1 mod and evolved into a true gaming phenmonim. Developers Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment are hard at work on CS: GO, which will feature a mix of revamped maps and content from previous games with all new maps, weapons and content.

Thanks to Valve and Hidden Path, NeoGamr has 15 Steam codes to give away for the current closed beta test of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and you could be one of the lucky people who gets one.

All you have to do to enter is do the following three things. Please check out our official competition terms and conditions for more details.

  1. Simply reply to this article by commenting below
  2. Like (using Facebook button) and/or Re-Tweet this article; but you must use the hashtag #neogamr
  3. Like us on Facebook and/or follow @NeoGamr if you already don't.

This competition closes on 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, April 30th.

Our thanks to Valve and Hidden Path for the beta keys. Good luck!

Update - Congrats to our winners: Audioboxer, Unrealmaster287, MiniMeSorinel, Rayko, RogueRed, tarryl, Jakub Plantroon Fiľo, Ently, IsupportCharity, Heracles, Lps, hazzed, Al_Patsino, vextor, and Dysk.

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I won a code! First time I've won anything in aggggeees. Should be a good game to test out my new rig. I used to play a lot of CS, then CS Source, but haven't in a year or two.

I've owned all the counter strikes, had the source beta as well which I loved, I'm a diehard CS fan who would enjoy a CS: GO beta key!!

My friend's fiance birthday is tomorrow and she want to give him a beta key as gift. I'm here helping her out with her gift.

Have been waiting for one of these for weeks! Would absolutely love to be one of the lucky ones to have their name called!

Sign me up. I've been playing Counter Strike since '98, would be thrilling to participate on a beta for it. =)

Ok i followed you on twitter , i re-twitted the article , i like your facebook page i like the article , now i hope i have some luck i didnt have by now i dont know why , but i hope you will make me happy , good luck to all participants and thanks for this oportunity , cheers all .

awesomeness: if you start taking things too seriously, just remember we are talking monkeys living on an organic spaceship flying through the universe!

Hello there ! Im old-hard core-die hard fun of the Cs 1.6 for more
a decade and i like to valuate the new Cs hope not to disapoint me
in means of gameplay as scource was (in some ways) , and not be another
copy of 1.6 bat go farther (in develop) and finaly become the game sould be !!
Fun game bat more hard and skill based not like Bf3 bat the way of pro gaming who
first this game open !!

Been trying to get one for months. Its legitimately my b-day tomorrow (april 29th), this would be the fn present in the world!!!

ShMaunder said,
How does Neowin know if I completed steps 2 and 3 for the compeition? Is this trickery Neowin

We will ask you to provide proof, as stated in the terms and conditions

Scorpus said,

We will ask you to provide proof, as stated in the terms and conditions

Ah fair enough. Well I don't have either so I can't enter

Ill take my chances and enter, why not!

Played counter strike loads over the years so would be great to check this out, heard some good stuff about it.

Followed Neogamer and re tweeted with my username on Neowin.


I've been wanting to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive for a while now! I loved Counter-Strike 1.6, I loved the idea of the money for kills and able to spend it at your base. I like how it is counter terrorists vs terrorists.

If I am lucky enough to get a beta code, I'll cherish it forever, well as long as the beta runs. I love Counter-Strike and how it has original gameplay.

Good luck and may the best counter-Strike fan win. good luck to all the entrants