Giveaway: Adobe Creative Cloud subscription worth $600! [UPDATE: Winner!]

As the end of 2013 fast approaches, we’ve been looking back at another incredible year here at Neowin. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best news, reviews and a few laughs here and there, but our hard work is nothing without an amazing community to enjoy our efforts.

You guys are awesome, and we want to say a great big thank you for making this year one of our best! And to show our appreciation, we’re going to be giving away some pretty cool stuff in the run up to Christmas, starting today.

Our first giveaway is a great one to get the ball rolling. Our friends at Adobe have provided us with a 12-month subscription to Creative Cloud, featuring full versions of some of the best creative tools and services in the world!

With a retail value of almost $600 USD (priced at €737 EUR in Europe, $600 AUD in Australia and £562 GBP in the UK), the winner will enjoy a year’s unlimited use of full desktop versions of:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Premiere Pro CC
  • Acrobat XI Pro
  • Lightroom
  • Fireworks

…and so much more, as well as Edge Tools & Services for web designers and developers. And if that’s not enough, 20GB of online storage is included, along with plenty of other stuff too. You can find more information about Creative Cloud on

There are lots of different ways to enter – and many ways to gain extra entries too. We’re using Rafflecopter to help us track the entries and randomly select the winner. If you're not a fan of social media, we understand - and you can still enter without doing anything on Twitter or Facebook - but our social network engagement is a big part of what helps us to grow (and to bring you more cool giveaways!), so we hope you understand why we're encouraging you to use these options... and enticing you to do so with extra entries in the contest!

Please be sure to read all of the instructions carefully to ensure that you’re entered successfully. To enter, you can choose one, or more, of the following options:

  1. Submit a comment below telling us what you would do with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. (This is worth one entry.)
  2. Follow me (@gcaweir) on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  3. Follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth two entries.)
  4. ‘Like’ Neowin on Facebook. (This is worth two entries.)
  5. Tweet about the giveaway. Now, this may be a little bit confusing so please follow the instructions carefully. You have to select the option below, and then click the ‘Tweet’ button that appears. That will bring up a string that you can tweet (it should read “I just entered to win an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with @NeowinFeed - check out and enter too!” followed by a link to this page). Tweet that, then follow the steps shown to get the link to your tweet for confirmation. (This is worth three entries, but can only be done once per day.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're a paid member of Neowin, we'll also give you one extra free entry in the draw. Yay!

The contest runs until midnight (GMT) on Thursday December 12, 2013.

Remember to keep on the lookout for more giveaways on Neowin and via Twitter @NeowinFeed over the next couple of weeks. For now, good luck to you all!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Neowin member SuperKid, aka Matty Southall, for winning the contest! We hope he puts the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to great use! 

Thanks so much to everyone who took part - and don't forget, we have more giveaways coming up before Christmas, so stay tuned to @NeowinFeed!

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Awesome contest! I would probably mostly use PhotoShop and InDesign, but would gladly see what I could produce with the other programs. I have an old version of CS (version 1) on a very slow laptop and I cannot reactivate it nor afford a new version at this time so I miss using these programs. Here's hoping ...

I would spend many hours trying to turn myself into a l33t web/graphic designer and then cry when I am a total failure at expiry time.

Haven't actually won anything before, Student very much in need of something like this and would make me very happy indeed!

One entry is all I'll need.

But seriously, I'd load it all up on my new Venue tablet and have the world's most outstanding sketch pad for my creative work.

I'd use it for helping with my church, helping friends with small businesses/sole-proprietorships, to have fun with my Cintiq, and to layout my own game books.

I'd use it to start my YouTube Channel again! Being a student and single father doesn't leave much extra cash for editing software especially Adobe's prices lol Winning a year would be pretty awesome!

I'd use Adobe Flash to create some unconventional and personalized animations for our customers and clients - whilst of course animating some mickey taking animations of my companies employees. Similarly a branding overhaul via Fireworks and Photoshop would be ace!

As a freelance eLearning Developer, I use Adobe Captivate with the Adobe Cloud subscription I pay for right now to do my job. Of course, that costs money to have the subscription, so it would be nice to allieviate some of that just to work, even if it is only a 12-month break from paying. Twitter name: @stephen_victor


riahc3 said,

Question, does each comment you put here, per day, count as one entry?

Requoting myself in case the question goes by unnoticed..

Nice! I hate these comments where people tell what they would do with it.
But as it's worth an entry: I will use it to view PDFs in Acrobat, haha among others.

Oh well. One entry, no chance but worth a shot.

It could become useful to spring my new server offering site to life more quickly and effeciently. New designs and logos

Wow - this would be perfect. Not been able to work all year for health reasons, but got loads of plans for a fresh start in 2014 .... limited by cash though as always. CC for a year would help give me a great start

Adobe Creative Cloud is inherent utility of each artwork. It would be nice to have this package in the latest version. Thanks for the contest!

Hi guys, I'd use CC to create content for my web video series. I make short educational videos about various science topics, to try and promote science in my country, especially to young kids.

Big fan of the Adobe tools....especially of the web development ones.
Would be nice to have a license for personal use outside of work.

I'm in and as a web designer I really want to have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to taste the latest flavor of my favorite software !

Here's my one entry. Have been using Gimp, would like Creative Studio as an upgrade. Derp...

Basically would use the subscription to beef up and work on my website, which needs some love.

Edited by nullie, Dec 8 2013, 5:48am :

Would be pretty awesome to have Only have Photoshop at the moment, but I'd love to get to know the other software before I start studying design and communication in a few years.

I will use the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to enhance some of my project portfolio & make presentations to my clients.

I would use this new version of Photoshop to take out some blur to some photos, learn more about the newest Lightroom, test the others to make new designs.

I would start getting serious about web design and try my hand as a freelance, this give away would help me offset initial costs.

After not being paid by my company for the past 3 months, despite working very hard for them, and seeing money come in; and being owed thousands of pounds, this would give me the chance to go freelance and actually start 2014 as the first day of my new life, of course not forgetting Neowin of course, who would be one of the only things i'd take with me from the past.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity of a chance of a new life Neowin.

well, I'm in the need of winning this so i can start faking those Windows 8 / Server 2012 R2 Retail boxes that everyone likes to sell on eBay. Yup, it will come handy!

I currently use CS6, but I would loooove to have a chance to upgrade to CC since I earn my bread as a graphic designer

I would make lots of logos, designs, and edit home movies for my family and for school. I am taking a media arts class next year so this would come in handy.

Well, I am not gonna win it, besides, don't need it, my $600 copy of Photoshop 7 bought in September 2002 still does the job.

I'd use the software to be more creative, I'm somewhat lacking at the moment!

P.S. Great to see it's not a forced social-networking giveaway this time.

We edit and produce video for local charities, still on CS3 now, this would of course improve things greatly for us and in turn others.

I'm a design student, so as a student the words "free" and "adobe" can never been seen in public together. If I am chosen as a tribute I think the subscription should definitely be covertly smuggled into New Zealand to avoid riots.

What would I do? The real question my good man is what wouldn't I do? I wouldn't paint with all the colours of the wind - mainly because I never understood that line but I would use these tools to put form to the maelstrom of imagination.

I'd buy a new workstation and hire another web designer (he/she would be using Adobe CC, of course). Or, I can do a Neowin website redesign

As planned I will so involve myself in web designing and it will be real for me to develop graphics asset using this suite.

Can't do the twitter one using the default message because it is too long. O_O

Edit: I shorted the word subscription to sub and removed a space and it went through with 1 character to spare.

With a free creative cloud subscription, I could save up the money from my current one and put it toward that suspiciously good 28" 4K monitor that Dell announced. That resolution depth would be very *drool* for me.

this is very cool, I work as an Innovation manager and part of my job is creating Mock Ups, wire frames and concepts, most of the time tools like Omnigraffle are OK, but when I want to get real, I need Photoshop and Illustrator!!

The first thing I would do is create a logo in Illustrator for my new YouTube channel (dedicated to Linux distribution reviews). Then I would use After Effects to create an intro clip. It must involve my favorite colors cyan and pink. Can a man love pink? Yes! Also, my Twitter handle is SwellEndeavors. I accidentally messed up the URL in the tweet. Can you fix it with this, please?

Edited by Yorak, Dec 6 2013, 8:40pm :

Hell yeah, that is a sweet giveaway. I'll pass though since I just got the photographer's bundle over Black Friday with Photoshop CC and Lighroom 5 for $10 a month. Since they put you in a contract, it would be a waste of money to cancel it for this one and those are all I want anyway. Best of luck to everyone else though!