Giveaway: Amped Wireless SR20000G repeater [Updated with winner]

We've really liked the quality of the Amped Wireless devices we've reviewed here in the past. From the R1000G (8.5/10), to the R20000G (7/10), to the SR20000G (8/10), to the AP20000G (8/10), all of their devices have been rated very highly and would make a great addition to anyone's home network.

Now we're giving our readers the chance to win one of the devices, specifically the SR20000G repeater. This device is great for people who have large houses, have houses with tricky material that blocks WiFi signals, or for those who want to extend their wireless to their yards. So how do you win? Simply do the following three things, that's it! Oh, and please check out our official competition terms and conditions for more details on the specifics.

  1. Simply reply to this article by commenting below
  2. Like (using Facebook button) and/or Re-Tweet this article; but you must use the hashtag #NeowinAmped
  3. Like us on Facebook and follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter if you already don't.

This competition closes on March 26th at 11:59pm ET, and you can enter once per day.

UPDATE: Congrats to Neowin member Osiris on winning the contest!

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I have wanted to play with one of these for a while. I would like to see how multiples of them work together. If i will i may have to pick up a few more.

That is a great Device and would love to have it! Actually need it badly as I do not have enough ports left a.t.m. at home

Cool you are doing freebies here...but no way in hell I am liking anything on Facebook or Tweeting anything to get it.

Good luck to the rest of ya.

I will bring my mother's friend's friend's friend's mother's friend Chuck Norris to entertain everyone at Neowin if I win. This is not a joke.

No. I am not entering. Contests should not require people to use Facebook and/or Twitter. Posting here should be enough.

I could seriously use one of these. My house has some serious dead zones where nothing else I've used works. Consider me entered

aw, man! I could really use one of THESE bad boys! Heck yeah, I'm retweeting! Awesome contest is awesome!!!!!!

edit: Tweeted and liked! Sweet!

I have a AMP router....winning this would be awsome to stream data....Maybe I'll win. Have never won anything off these contest....But will keep trying....

This would be perfect to stream my media throughout my house. I just upgraded everything to 5GHz and all stuttering issues are gone. However I still have issues in my basement due to the distance from my projector. No budget for months to get a repeater so this would finish my home network.

that would help for me to get the signal though the thick and heavy barbed concrete walls which block WiFi & GSM, all communication and feelings I'd love to get my wifi reaching to my bedroom as well!

I agree. I would like to enter and win this repeater, but I don't really don't want to use the social networking websites. I guess their is nothing in the rules about creating a new/fake account to enter and win.

You can put me in the same box: I'm not a fan of social networking sites and I'm not going to sign up for one just to even if it was a certain I'd win.

I'm not trying to "screw the man", just commenting so that when marketeers consider this kind of promotion they'll realize it's not as effective or universal as they might believe.

Raa said,
Too bad I don't have Facebook.*
How about a non-social-networking giveaway?

I'm on the same boat, no twitter, no facebook; unfortunately more and more promotions exist only on facebook, driving page views there, not on the website in question.

It's right time, my wireless unit at home has gone down and was looking for a new one, hope I would win this, thx :-)