Giveaway: Epic Quest for XBLA; win it before you can buy it! [Update]

If you like pinball, do yourself a favor and download the Pinball FX2 framework from Xbox Live Arcade. The initial download is free and there are dozens of demo tables to download. It's by far the best pinball game on the market. We've reviewed some of the tables in the past, and have always been left with a positive impression.

Zen Studios, the creator of Pinball FX2, is releasing a new table on Valentine's Day. Titled Epic Quest, it merges pinball and a role-playing game into one. We'll be publishing our review soon, but we wanted to give out some free codes to download the game before it's even available to purchase!

There are three main ways to enter, and each of the first two methods can be done once per day:

  1. Make a comment in this thread stating why you want to play Epic Quest.
  2. Re-tweet this post with the above Tweet button and add @zen_studios to the end of the tweet.
  3. You can also gain an additional entry by "liking" us on Facebook if you haven't already done so (one entry only).

Since we have three codes to giveaway, we're going to mix it up a little and give a fourth way to win. In your comment, describe a pinball table that you'd like to see Zen Studios make. There's no guarantee that they'll create your idea, but we'll select the one we find most interesting and give that person a code as well. Be creative!

We will give one code away tonight at 11pm EST and a second code tomorrow at noon EST. The third code will be given away sometime Monday afternoon after we read all of the entries. Winners are free to share their experiences in the forums.

Update #1: Congrats microtubule for winning the first code! To everyone else, the next drawing will be Sunday at noon EST, so good luck!

Update #2: Congrats to jenarowe for winning the second code! To everyone else, the next drawing will be sometime Monday afternoon and we'll select what we think is the best, most creative pinball table idea!  Good luck!

Update #3: Congrats to eugaet for coming up with a great table suggestion! Nicely done!

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I would love to play this table! I'm a huge fan of Zen's pinball tables and think the RPG elements will really set this one apart. Like the above poster, I am also a huge Monty Python fan and hope the table will deliver on the humor.

Twitter: @eugaet_aux
RT'd here:!/eug...x/status/169068198296170499
Facebook: Michael Teague (just now Liked your page)

I'd like to see a pinball table designed around the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novels (not the movie, though I liked the movie well enough).

The 7 evil exes would be the challenges, with the Gideon challenge unlocking only after the other 6 challenges (Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Roxanne "Roxie" Richter, and Kyle & Ken Katayanagi) have been achieved. The first 6 exes can be defeated in any order, but Gideon comes last. Beating the Gideon challenge would first require unlocking the Power of Love sword and then the Power of Understanding sword. Once those two swords are unlocked, it goes into 2-ball multiball (Ramona and Scott vs. Gideon) where the player has to hit 7 spots on the table labeled '7' and then fire both balls into a ball lock or some other target. Doing this defeats Gideon and awards the player $7,777,777 in coins.

Freestanding doors could lead to subspace (hit once to open, then shoot the pinball through) and can either just lead to various rails...or could lead to an elevated 'subspace' level on the table with it's own set of bumpers (think Black Knight).

Points gained on the table would of course be coins, 'extra life' would give an extra ball, and various 'good' characters (Sex Bob-omb members, Knives Chau) could be activated for various assistance. NegaScott shows up in the form of reverse-facing bumpers that, when activated, are automated and fire the ball back down towards the player whenever the ball gets near them.

You definitely put a lot of thought into your submission! This is exactly what I was looking for, congrats! Check your PM for a code.

I want this because (A) knights and pinball, AWESOME (2) i am poor and can't afford it if it isn't free. If I could make a table based on anything, I think I would pick Monty Python and the Holy Grail, how can you go wrong with that.

NoOneEverPaysMe said,
I think I would pick Monty Python and the Holy Grail, how can you go wrong with that.

You'll love this table then because it's very Holy Grail-like. Lots of quippy lines.

I would LOVE to win this. It is my EPIC QUEST to reach the highest score on that table!

I would like a Batman, Arkham style, table. That would be awesome!

It would be awesome to win as I love all the pinball machines from when I was young, and loved the pinball dreams games etc on the Amiga

Want to win this one. Vaguely reminds me of my favourite pinball table, medieval madness.

As for a pinball suggestion, well, I've been wanting to create a Harry Potter themed table for visualpinball but never got around to it.

There is nothing like Pinball, been playing it since I was a kid with rolls of quarters...Make some sports themed tables to round out the collection.

I have always wanted some good tables for that game - I currently only have the trial tables and haven't found the money to throw at it yet.

Please give me a chance to win!

I enjoy Pinball FX2 and I'm sure I will enjoy Epic Quest.

A future pinball table could be a rock and roll theme, with certain highlights being get an audition, get signed, release a cd, go on tour, sell a million cds, etc.

1. because Zen Studios makes quality tables for Pinball FX2
and for a future Pinball table:
an NHL hockey or just a hockey theme or sports in general would be neat

Winner winner, chicken dinner! You won the first drawing, 11pm EST on Saturday. Check your private messages for a Xbox Live code.

Everyone else: The next drawing will be tomorrow. Enter to win!

Fezmid said,
Winner winner, chicken dinner! You won the first drawing, 11pm EST on Saturday. Check your private messages for a Xbox Live code.

Everyone else: The next drawing will be tomorrow. Enter to win!

Wow!! thanks Neowin! guess I used my luck for the next year or so but at least I have this to play.

I would love this game!
I'm a huge pinball fan, and my idea for a table, while not completely creative, it still would make me incredibly happy. A remake into video game format of the Pinball Wizard machine (The Who.) Tommy is awesome. ( I'd love to see what RPG they could make out of this table, and it would be awesome if the song Pinball Wizard played throughout the level!

Man, I've gotten myself excited about that. Lol!

Epic Quest,.. anything that is Epic is worth playing right ? Honestly though, Pinball games are one of my most favorite of all time every since pinball fantasies on the amiga.

I already own Pinball FX, as well as Pinball FX2 on XBLA and love the fact that Zen Studio' topped the classic when it comes to quality - even if I'm really bad at it lol.... Its weird because I got a few more achivements in FX2 just a few day ago hardwork pays off eventually...

Hopefully I get a code, as I'd like to get a head start on the score over my buddies lol

I'd love to see them team up with valve for a Portal/Portal 2 table. They could piggy back on the success of Portal and provide a free table and that'd get such a lot of new pinball gamers active. I try to get all my friends to play, but it seems to be only the 'old school' gamers that even know what pinball means as a gamer anymore.

hmm. I got a itching for some more speed machine table bbl lol

Jenarow said,
I would like to win because we have 3 x box's in the house an this is the ONLY game type I like to play!

Winner winner, chicken dinner! You won the second drawing, noon EST on Sunday! Check your private messages for a Xbox Live code.

Everyone else: The last drawing will be tomorrow and we're looking suggestions for new pinball tables! Be creative and good luck!

Would love to play Epic Quest cause I need more Pinball FX2 tables!

A Mass Effect pinball table would be awesome. Reapers, Galaxies, Space, great universe could make a fun pinball table.

Zen studios should recreate the old playboy pinball machine or star trek the next generation. Both are classics and the playboy one never had any nudity.

I would like to play Epic Quest because I'm too cheap to buy a table for myself. I've played the demo heaps of times and would like to own at least one to get my pinball fix in.