Giveaway: iMediaShare for iOS [Updated with winners!]

This past weekend we noticed that Amazon was giving away copies of iMediaShare as part of their "free app of the day" promotion through their Android App Store. The app, which retails for $4.99, allows users to stream from a smartphone to a TV and works really well. Indeed, we were streaming YouTube videos to our TV through our Xbox 360 in less than a minute and were very impressed.

Apparently iMediaShare was a big hit with Android users: The company informed us that it was downloaded over 150,000 times on Sunday and was even the top app for awhile. But what about the Apple users who were left out in the cold? Well, we're here to help! While we can't give everyone a copy of the app, iMediaShare was kind enough to give us a code for a free download from the Apple App Store and we're going to give it away to one lucky reader!

To enter, simply do the following:

  1. Like us on Facebook (
  2. Re-tweet this post by clicking the button at the top of the article and add @iMediaShare to the end of the tweet
  3. Make a comment in this post telling us if you have any experience slinging videos from one device to another

That's it! Entries are open until 11:59pm ET on Thursday, January 24th, and a winner will be announced sometime on the 25th. Good luck!

UPDATE: iMediaShare was kind enough to give us some extra codes, so we have more than one winner! Congrats to fardeen and adiaga for winning the contest! In addition, congrats to Twitter user @JBoDEAN for winning as well!

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I have some experience sharing videos to my WD TV Live, and my tablets. But in general I just do network shares from my fileserver.

Not to burst the quality of the app, because I haven't used it, but this is awkward:

"But what about the Apple users who were left out in the cold?"

1. AirPlay
2. Plenty 3rd party apps available already.


I have used AirPlay, which is the only somewhat reliable one, maybe because it's proprietary. DLNA implementations totally suck.

"streaming YouTube videos to our TV through our Xbox 360"
Wut?, this makes no sense, the 360 already has it's own YouTube App, kinda redundant.

Yes it does -- but if you're using your phone, find a YouTube video you like, you can easily send it over to the Xbox/TV without having to install the YouTube app. Just click a button, and you're watching the video on your TV. Same thing with Vimeo, various news feeds, pictures and videos from your phone, etc. It slings things from your phone onto your TV screen automatically.

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