Giveaway: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop [Update: Winner!]

Our giveaway of a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription earlier this week was just the first of a bunch lined up for you, our wonderful readers, before the end of this year. Neowin member SuperKid was the lucky winner in that giveaway, but don’t worry – there are still plenty of opportunities for you to win some awesome stuff this festive season.

Our next giveaway is the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, courtesy of our friends at Microsoft UK. This trio of devices includes a wrist-friendly mouse, a standalone numeric keypad, and a stunningly designed ergonomic keyboard, all of which would look pretty darned cool on your desk. Be sure to check out our full in-depth review to find out more.

As before, there are lots of different ways to enter, and plenty of ways to gain extra entries to increase your chances of winning. We’re using Rafflecopter again to help us track the entries and to randomly select the winner. If you’re not a fan of social media, we understand – and you can still enter without doing anything on Facebook or Twitter – but our social media engagement is a big part of what helps us to grow (and to bring you more cool giveaways!), so we hope you understand why we’re encouraging you to use these options… and enticing you to do so with extra entries in the contest!

Please be sure to read all of the instructions carefully to ensure that you’re entered successfully. To enter you can choose one or more of the following options:

  1. Submit a comment below telling us what you like most about the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. (This is worth one entry.)
  2. Follow me (@gcaweir) on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  3. Follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth two entries.)
  4. ‘Like’ Neowin on Facebook. (This is worth two entries.)
  5. Tweet about the giveaway. Now, this may be a little confusing, so please follow the instructions carefully. You have to select the option below, and then click the ‘Tweet’ button that appears. That will bring up a string that you can tweet (it should read “I entered to win a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop in the @NeowinFeed #neogiveaway! You can enter here”, followed by a link to this page). Tweet that, then follow the steps to get the link to your tweet for confirmation. (This is worth three entries, and can be done once per day.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re a paid Neowin member, we’ll also give you one extra free entry in the draw. Woohoo!

The contest runs until midnight (ET) on Tuesday December 17 2013.

Remember to keep on the lookout for more giveaways on Neowin and via Twitter @NeowinFeed over the next couple of weeks. Good luck to you all! 

Update: Congratulations to Neowin member Sszecret, aka Florin Bodn─ârescu, for winning the contest! We wish him many years of happy wrists with his new ergonomic desktop set! 

Thanks so much to everyone who took part - and stay on the lookout for more giveaways on Neowin and via @NeowinFeed over the next couple of weeks!

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I had around 600 entries in the last Lumia 520 giveaway, but still didn't win. I wish I win this one. I am a touch typist and I find this very attractive! I hope this enables me to type much faster. I can currently type at around 80 wpm - 100 wpm.

I really like that they separated the numpad but kept it as part of the package. Its there for those who want it and it can put away for those who don't want it.

I love the design of the keyboard, mine is about to go. I have been having some tennis elbow issues it all started with diablo 3. Hopefully a new keyboard can help.

The best part of this keyboard for me is the detached numberpad. Even being right handed, I've always thought numpads should be on the left side of the keyboard, especially considering the placement of the + and Enter keys.

It would be a fantastic upgrade to my existing wireless tag-team (Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3.0 and Logitech V220 Cordless Mouse).

I love how the design of the keyboard and mouse are designed to position your arms in a healthy position for those that are constantly typing away at a desk.

I've been drooling over this keyboard for a while now. I prefer ergonomic keyboards, and I love that there is finally one that isn't too massive and is wireless.

I had the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 and 3000. The first one just broke out of old age, the second I had to give away, when I moved. Now I dream for this new and improved Microsoft keyboard, so that my arms will feel good, when I have to type lots of text. I write articles too e.g.
I'd love to have it!

Well I've never used an ergonomic keyboard, this one looks cool and would complement my Surface Pro when it's docked! Consider myself entered into this competition

I like it because it looks like a Manta Ray and whilst most products are a trade-off of form versus function these devices embrace both.

As someone who has enjoyed Microsoft's ergonomic keyboards from the beginning, this one looks like a GREAT advancement of the concept! I like the separate keypad and the new chunky mouse. But, let's be honest, the best thing about this keyboard is its styling. It just looks AWESOME.

I'm a touch typist that wraps out a lot of emails. I'm OLD. Save me from carpal tunnel syndrome. I love the split and also the slight apex design of the keyboard. Brilliant. And it looks like a manta ray. Just

I think my wrists would be very happy if I started using this. As a Computer Science student, this would be much needed.

I would live this for work, where I code all day. I already had them buy me one of the MS Comfort keyboards, but this would just take the cake!

I am a big fan of Microsoft ergonomic keyboards - had all of them.
But I would still like to have an option to have Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop
in wired variant, or at least the keyboard.
Maybe like the XBox controller - wireless with an optional cord.

I like the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. Reminds me of the old Microsoft Natural Elite keyboard that was released in May 2001. I finally bought a Microsoft Office Keyboard without the scroll wheel and a Microsoft Serial Mouse 2.0 a few years after they were released. Both the keyboard and mouse used the IntelliType and IntelliPoint software respectfully.

I am normally not a big fan of MS keyboards but this I have to say is very nice and I would use over my current Logitech keyboard

I'd love to win this, as the keyboard would help with the old "one handed web surfing". If you know what I mean. wink, wink. lol

It's about time I had a new keyboard, starting to get a bit of wrist pain with this apple aluminium one!

I'd love to give this to my Mom for Christmas - she's having some trouble with carpal tunnel due to constant computer use.

The wavy look of the keyboard and that space in the middle. I bet I can fit a can of [insert soft drink brand here] in there.

I'd love this as I have the previous version at work. I could do with a new ergonomic keyboard at home as it really helps with my rsi in my hands!

the keyboard has weird placement of the "\" key, and the location of "Insert, Home, Page Up", "Delete", "End" & "Page Down" keys also kind of weird.

Games that i have, played better if those keys are located normally.

I had my MSFT K&M back in 2006 and i guess it was the first series of this product line with wireless feature on it ,i am still using the keyboard tho , yet i had to change the mouse later on.

Not sure if i will ever win this kick @** keyboard & mouse set ,it will be a shipping problems tho... (i live in Egypt already) but what the heck let's give it a hopeless try

I love the shape, Its Stylish and i believe it can help me type speedily and cause less strain over time to my wrist.

I would love to have this keyboard as a programmer. Currently using pretty crappy keyboards so a good one would really help me finish the job and be healthy.