Giveaway: Star Trek USB Flash Drives by Mimoco [UPDATE with winners]


Maybe you remember our Star Wars Mimobot giveaway we had a few months ago and are upset that you didn’t win. Or perhaps you saw the Star Trek Mimobots we mentioned in our recent stocking stuffer article and thought that’d make a much better gift than a silly cell phone. Either that, or you just like winning free stuff!

No matter your reason, we’d like to give away a couple of Mimobot 8G Star Trek thumb drives to our readers. All you have to do to enter is the following three steps. Please check out our official competition terms and conditions for more details.

  • First, reply to this article by commenting below. The comment can include anything, but feel free to share what you would do with your Mimobot or what other characters (either from Star Trek or an entirely different franchise) you would like to see put into USB flash drive form. Anything goes!
  • Like (using the Facebook button) and/or Re-Tweet this article; but you must use the hashtag #neomimo AND include @mimobot in the Tweet!
  • Like us on Facebook and/or follow @NeowinFeed (or @NeoGamr) if you don’t already do so.

You can enter once per day and the contest will close at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, December 19th. We’ll try to announce a winner Thursday morning, so watch your messages and reply ASAP so we can try sending it for you to get it in time for Christmas (no guarantees though!).

As an aside, check out the #MimoCult photo contest that Mimoco is running. Vote for your favorite Mimobot picture!

UPDATE: Congrats to jamesyfx and Alladaskill17 on each winning a Star Trek Mimobot! The drive will be put in the mail soon!

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I would give the flash drive to my wife. she would love to get one of these as a stocking stuffer. I know the little nerd in her would like it.

If I won the set I would put Picards top of head on Shatner to more accurately show what Shatner looks like in real life

These star trek usb drives look fantastic. Let's go where no man has gone before! Spock, Did we just see the beginning of a new lifeform?

I am not a Star Trek fan. If that ain't enough, I always confuse Star Trek with Star Wars and I was wondering why is there no Vader drive shown here. Seriously

Kirk and Picard ones look cool
Shame I can't enter though as twitter/facebook are blocked at work so can't do the other things

I registered here a min ago just to be among those who might get this USB thumb drive. If I win this one then it would be my first characted-USB drive

Can I scan for lifeforms???
Data says:
"I just love scanning for life forms!"
And Data breaks out in song:
"Life forms,(Data presses console accordingly)
You tiny little life forms!
You precious little life forms (Data snaps and claps)
Where are you?"

To boldly go where no USB flash drive has gone before.... mistakenly plugged into a Ethernet port for 20 mins while i wonder why it isn't mounting

I love those...would definitely store some Star Trek-related stuff on one. (Not sure exactly *WHAT*...but I'd definitely figure something out).

Oh! I came across this on Google offers and wanted to get one for my father as a stocking stuffer! Captain Kirk one is the best for sure. good luck to all, including myself.

I've been re-watching Voyager, so this is definitely a funny coincidence. I do have to say though, those are some fugly USB keys haha.