Giveaway: What would you do for a Microsoft Surface? Round Two

The Microsoft Surface is one of the hottest products to come out of Microsoft since the Xbox 360 and while we all sit and wait for it to hit retail shelves, we thought we would give away a bit of swag before then. You should note, we are not giving away a Microsoft Surface, we are giving away a Copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010.

So, if you want to win this copy of Office 2010, take a look at the entry options below; you can enter once per day, per method and the contest will end July 31 at 11:59PM. 

All you have to do to enter is do the following three things. Please check out our official competition terms and conditions for more details.

  1. Simply reply to this article by commenting below
  2. Like (using Facebook button) and/or Re-Tweet this article
  3. Like us on Facebook and/or follow @NeowinFeed (or @NeoGamr) if you already don't.

Who can enter? If you have an address that can receive packages and are willing to tell me where you live, you are qualified to enter this competition.

So Neowin, what would you do for a Microsoft Surface?

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I would donate my old Athlon XP pc to a class with a subject "Why a workshop with canaries is a bad place for an overclocked PC with no dust filters."

I'd try to use the Surface Tablet for the things that David Letterman used an iPad for on his show when it first came out.

You cant handle knowing the things I would do for a Microsoft Surface,
so.... I would just keep quiet about the disturbing lengths I would go to, and hope for a Copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010!!
(....because you can't handle the truth!)

I would let the rest of the staff play with the Surface so they can buy their own and we would all be happy!

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