Giveaway: Win a Nokia Lumia 630! [We have a WINNER!]

Earlier this week, we published our review of the Nokia Lumia 630, Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8.1 device. We took an in-depth look at the handset and, in a nutshell, found that it was a rather nice device, especially given its low price tag.

We described it as "an affordable Windows Phone, but not a perfect one" - but let's face it, nothing is perfect, and while there are some aspects of the Lumia 630 that could use improvement, it's nonetheless a pretty nice piece of kit. It has a large display, decent performance, good battery life and, of course, it's been designed around the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, which is only just starting to roll out to other devices. 

Now, one of you will get the chance to enjoy the device for yourselves! We're giving away a Nokia Lumia 630, kindly provided by the lovely people at Microsoft UK. 

Don't worry though - you don't have to be in the UK to enter. The contest is open to all of our readers around the world, and the best news is that there are plenty of ways for you to enter, and lots of ways for you to gain extra entries to increase your chances of winning!

As with our previous giveaways, we're using Rafflecopter to help us track the entries and to randomly select the winner. If you're not a fan of social media, we totally understand - and you can still enter without doing anything on Facebook or Twitter - but our social media engagement is a big part of what helps us to grow (and to bring you more cool giveaways), so we hope you understand why we're encouraging you to use these options... and enticing you to do so with extra entries in the contest! 

Please be sure to read all of the instructions carefully to ensure that you're entered successfully. To enter you can choose one or more of the following options: 

  1. Submit a comment below telling us why you'd like to win a Nokia Lumia 630. (This is worth one entry.)
  2. Follow me (@gcaweir) on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  3. Follow @MicrosoftUK on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  4. Follow @Nokia_UK on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  5. Follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth two entries.)
  6. 'Like' Neowin on Facebook. (This is worth two entries.)
  7. Tweet about the giveaway. Now, this may be a little confusing, so please follow the instructions carefully. Select the option below, and then click the 'Tweet' button that appears. That will bring up a string that needs to be tweeted (it should read "I entered to win a Nokia Lumia 630 in the @NeowinFeed giveaway! You can enter here", followed by a link to this page). Tweet that, then follow the steps to get the link to your tweet for confirmation. Clicking the 'how do I find it?' link gives detailed instructions if you get stuck. (This is worth three entries, and can be done once per day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We'll be selecting a winner at random on Sunday, July 20 2014

Good luck to you all! 

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Neowin member fordcom (aka Emmanuel Fordjour from Ghana) for winning the contest! We wish him many happy years with his lovely new Lumia :-)

We'd also like to thank each and every one of you for taking part - there was only one winner, but there will always be more giveaways on Neowin, so be sure to stick around!

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I'm stuck with using a HTC 7 Trophy, winning would give me that upgrade I just cant afford! Using my friends Samsung Ativ S and really like what Microsoft is doing!

I'd love to win because I only have a cheap smartphone at the moment, which doesnt always do what I want it to, pictures aren't very good, always too dark and the wifi doest always work, maybe its just me, I dont know, but this one looks like it will be so much better, I can imagine it will be great for taking pics and so much more, it would be just fantastic to win, thankyou x

So AGAIN someone who has never posted on Neowin and has commented on just 6 articles (at least 2 on other prize draws) has won!

FiB3R said,
I presume it's totally random, as it should be.

You could always go congratulate the guy, instead of crying about it. Good sportsmanship and all that. :)

Indeed, we push the button and Rafflecopter selects a winner at random. If a prolific Neowin poster or paid member had won, we'd no doubt be accused by some of fixing the contest to favour them!

We're damned either way really, but that's okay. We're just happy to be able to give stuff away! :) Congrats to Emmanuel on his win!

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