Giveaway: Win a Nokia Lumia 630! [We have a WINNER!]

Earlier this week, we published our review of the Nokia Lumia 630, Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8.1 device. We took an in-depth look at the handset and, in a nutshell, found that it was a rather nice device, especially given its low price tag.

We described it as "an affordable Windows Phone, but not a perfect one" - but let's face it, nothing is perfect, and while there are some aspects of the Lumia 630 that could use improvement, it's nonetheless a pretty nice piece of kit. It has a large display, decent performance, good battery life and, of course, it's been designed around the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, which is only just starting to roll out to other devices. 

Now, one of you will get the chance to enjoy the device for yourselves! We're giving away a Nokia Lumia 630, kindly provided by the lovely people at Microsoft UK. 

Don't worry though - you don't have to be in the UK to enter. The contest is open to all of our readers around the world, and the best news is that there are plenty of ways for you to enter, and lots of ways for you to gain extra entries to increase your chances of winning!

As with our previous giveaways, we're using Rafflecopter to help us track the entries and to randomly select the winner. If you're not a fan of social media, we totally understand - and you can still enter without doing anything on Facebook or Twitter - but our social media engagement is a big part of what helps us to grow (and to bring you more cool giveaways), so we hope you understand why we're encouraging you to use these options... and enticing you to do so with extra entries in the contest! 

Please be sure to read all of the instructions carefully to ensure that you're entered successfully. To enter you can choose one or more of the following options: 

  1. Submit a comment below telling us why you'd like to win a Nokia Lumia 630. (This is worth one entry.)
  2. Follow me (@gcaweir) on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  3. Follow @MicrosoftUK on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  4. Follow @Nokia_UK on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth one entry.)
  5. Follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter. Make sure you enter your Twitter username so we know who you are. (This is worth two entries.)
  6. 'Like' Neowin on Facebook. (This is worth two entries.)
  7. Tweet about the giveaway. Now, this may be a little confusing, so please follow the instructions carefully. Select the option below, and then click the 'Tweet' button that appears. That will bring up a string that needs to be tweeted (it should read "I entered to win a Nokia Lumia 630 in the @NeowinFeed giveaway! You can enter here", followed by a link to this page). Tweet that, then follow the steps to get the link to your tweet for confirmation. Clicking the 'how do I find it?' link gives detailed instructions if you get stuck. (This is worth three entries, and can be done once per day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We'll be selecting a winner at random on Sunday, July 20 2014

Good luck to you all! 

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Neowin member fordcom (aka Emmanuel Fordjour from Ghana) for winning the contest! We wish him many happy years with his lovely new Lumia :-)

We'd also like to thank each and every one of you for taking part - there was only one winner, but there will always be more giveaways on Neowin, so be sure to stick around!

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So AGAIN someone who has never posted on Neowin and has commented on just 6 articles (at least 2 on other prize draws) has won!

FiB3R said,
I presume it's totally random, as it should be.

You could always go congratulate the guy, instead of crying about it. Good sportsmanship and all that. :)

Indeed, we push the button and Rafflecopter selects a winner at random. If a prolific Neowin poster or paid member had won, we'd no doubt be accused by some of fixing the contest to favour them!

We're damned either way really, but that's okay. We're just happy to be able to give stuff away! :) Congrats to Emmanuel on his win!

I'd love to win because I only have a cheap smartphone at the moment, which doesnt always do what I want it to, pictures aren't very good, always too dark and the wifi doest always work, maybe its just me, I dont know, but this one looks like it will be so much better, I can imagine it will be great for taking pics and so much more, it would be just fantastic to win, thankyou x

I'm stuck with using a HTC 7 Trophy, winning would give me that upgrade I just cant afford! Using my friends Samsung Ativ S and really like what Microsoft is doing!

I am a Nokia promoter, I am often surrounded by Lumia devices. Unfortunately they are property of Nokia/Microsoft. I would love to finally own a Lumia smartphone, and Lumia 630 definitely seems a good choice!

Lumia 630 comes with WP8.1 packed and pretty new snapdragon 800 processor.. Heard that in performance it equals to Lumia 1020. I need my hand on L630 and a true successor for my Lumia 620

I would like to won, even i deserve Nokia Lumia 630 because i don't have money to buy new widows phone right now.. I just bought a 525 and broke it's touch.. So please Neowin give it to me

Just tired of android phones , dnt know why the android handsets i purchased always ended up giving problems to me. Hanging issues , software problems , malwares etc , too much bugged and annoying add pop ups everytime in every software downloaded tensed me a lot. We Indian users always trusted Nokia and Microsoft. Since the days of my childhood I used to hear about them and have used them quite peacefully without any issues for long periods of time. Finally wanna switch back to them again . Hence winning Nokia Lumia 630 would be start to a new beginning for me.( Hope Neowin ends my long suffering with android). Thank you guys.

I would like to win Nokia Lumia 630 to try windows phone, I've been reading a lot about it and I want to try it, I own iPhone 4s and I am thinking about getting a new phone, may be that phone would let me think more about windows phones.

If I won this phone, it would be my first Windows phone, I was one of Windowsphone fans, and I will share it to my friends, I believe that my friends will like it.

Looks cool. I'll enter only by comment.. then we'll see how lucky I am :p I want to win because I've never had a phone.

#LUMIA630 powered with Windows phone 8.1 is a perfect option for persons like me who want try Windows 8.1 phone environment before going for #Flagship Lumia's like #Lumia925, #Lumia 930, #Lumia1520, #Lumia1020 ! Cheers :) :) :D

I've never won anything yet on neowin but this would help me with dealing with the veterans affairs and my social security accounts.

I really could use a new phone since my current phone, a non-smartphone, recently took a bath in the toilet and the battery has now started swelling.

first I'm in almost all windows groups @NairobiWP, @The WinPhan @Winkyle even though i don't own a windows phone. Played in so many competitions on @Nokia, @NokiaAtWork, @NokiaEastAfrica @The Winphan never got lucky and since i was born on 20/07/1991 it means that the final day of the giveaway will be my birthday which i,m hoping luck will be on my side. thanks and good luck to all.

I would like to win a Lumia phone because i have old HTC phone, and need new one. I love Windows ecosystem, and i already have a Win8.1 on my PC, and a WP device would be great addition. Also, i am very glad that Neowin is doing this because it is best and my only source of MS news :)

My lumia 800 just got broke :( I'm buyng a new windows phone, if I could win one would be a huge advantage for my wallet

I'd like to win a Nokia Lumia 630 because I want to having a good smartphone. I love with its camera. So I can selfie everytime I want. I want to Nokia Lumia 630 also because it has dual sim, and it has quad core clock speed 1.2 GHz. So excelent performa and faster.

I'd love to win the 630 because I feel guilty for passing my housemate a Mozart that only runs 7.8 when I have all the shiny WP8 stuff

I'd like to win a Lumia 630 device because I never had a Lumia phone but Nokia is one of the best brands for me. I used Nokia for a couple of years during the Symbian days and it's really a best brand when it comes to quality. I'd love to go back to Nokia with a Lumia Phone.

I am using Win 8.1 in my laptop, now I want a phone like Lumia 630 to use the same in a phone environment. I'm very excited about it !!! My Dream phone #Lumia630

I would love the phone as I've not had the chance to use Metro with a touchscreen. I'm sure it would be an immersive experience.

My wife have a Sony Xperia E dual-SIM. It's a crappy device, it already deleted her whole music library once, and it freezes, crashes and restart all the time, it's slow and sometimes she can't even answer a call. I already have a Lumia 920, but she want a dual-SIM phone, so I showed her the Lumia 630 and she liked it, but she's unnemployed atm. It would be nice if I could give her a new phone!

The first and last version of Windows Phone I used was the HD7 with WP7. I would like to have the latest version as my primary OS hence need would be grateful I win.

fordcom said,
The first and last version of Windows Phone I used was the HD7 with WP7. I would like to have the latest version as my primary OS hence need would be grateful I win.

You won! =D Congratz! I hope you enjoy the phone!

I would like one to give my father a good phone for once (my HTC Windows Phone 8s). The current one is still a alcatel dumbphone. And I would get this phone.

Because my current phone - a HTC Desire S running an unofficial port of Cyanongenmod 11 Android KitKat 4.4.2 somehow - has several large cracks across the screen, is wrecked on the rear cover after a failed digitizer replacement and periodically reboots since I tried overclocking to 2.3GHz... which sort of killed it. Oh, and I love Windows Phone :D

This phone makes a lot for sense and it is the best priced phone with 4G capability. I have been tired of my very old Galxay Y and love to win this new phone.

because it looks like iphone 5c? i am not actually good at commenting lol but i would love to have a win os on my device... so i definitely want this..

I have an Android tablet and an iPhone for work use, I'd love to have a Windows Phone for personal use to complete the trifecta of mobile operating systems :)

I want to try a Windows Phone, been using an iphone (because of work, paid by the company, so not much to do there), so I'm missing a personal phone.

I'd like to win a lumia 630, because i would like to start my initiation in the world of mobile windows and also meet cortana!

I REALLY need to replace my Galaxy SIII... And man, those Lumina 41 mega pixels pictures !??! Jeez.. I need that.. :)

Nokia Lumia 630 is an Amazing Budget Friendly Daily Driver. Its not a PowerHouse But it's a Windows Phone :) Every Phone runs smooth on WP OS. That's Why I wanna WIN and When the Giveaway comes from my Favorite Site Neowin I definitely Wanna WIN!

I want to win Cos.... my Old phone is literly falling apart. its a G300 with CM11. back is broken held on my tape.... I need a new phone. :) and love the WP phones now.

I'd like to win the Lumia 630; I have iOS and Android devices, and I develop prototype apps for small companies. I haven't worked on Windows Phone yet, maybe this would get me interested (and help me evangelise it to my clients).

I really need a new phone, because mine is already over 2 years old and I would love to have a Windows Phone device

bimesh said,
I'm tired of this iPhone 4S and Samsung android handsets,i want something new platform,may be this :)

my twitter account is @bimeshsht

well i am a gadgets reviewer not only Gadgets i used to review software's on performance stability features and etc .
i am from a village a remote place in India , here almost all people around me used to take my suggestions when ever they want to buy anything , i just won't review on how it looks i dig every thing a bit deeper like krait architecture vs a7 ,camera performance ,display ,etc like that ,here i suggest people depending upon their requirements mostly it's android , it's low cost and popular and value for money ! but the thing is i know windows mobiles are great when compared to previous versions and they are low cost with best looks and best hardware from nokia but i don't have windows mobile ! because of low earnings in villages ! i want to dig deeper on windows mobiles to review them so that i can suggest people if it's good and even i can show that mobile as a proof that it's good and low cost i hope neowin will encourage people form rural area to make things better !

Edited by rajaarm7, Jul 17 2014, 5:45am :

#WindowsPhone8.1 is more than just awwwsm; and when a phone frm #Nokia by #Microsoft like #lumia630 with WP8.1 is a superb combination. I am eagerly waiting to use a WP8.1 phone :) :D

Because I have never had a windows phone and my current phone is a old flip phone. I could use the upgrade and make my friends jealous.

I want to win a Lumia 630 because I would love to experience Windows Phone for myself and because using my current Android smartphone can be frustrating (due to the crap hardware not Android OS if that is what you're thinking!).

I want to win because this could be my first windows phone and these days I have stated to like Microsoft more because of privacy steps they have taken.

I would like the 630 so I can give it to the wife so she would stop borrowing my Icon. I would break her addiction to Android.

If you ask, why I want this phone, Lumia 630?, it's simple, because this is something most valuable in the world, especially for Nokia Fanboy like me. I will support Nokia a.k.a Microsoft Mobile by use this phone with happy and certainly show to the peoples to the world grandeur from Lumia 630.

I wanted to try a Windows Phone but my provider did not have one. I like Windows product and I need their phone.

Thank you for this contest.

I Have Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 But....Playing Some Games ....My Phone Be Lag -_- And I Hear Some Rumors WP Device Is Does'nt Lag ? And I Wanna Join This Giveway To Win This Low-End 630 Device :D I Could Be Happy If I Be The Winner :D Thx For Giveawayy

I own an old HTC WP 7.8 device, but would love to try a Lumia WP 8.1 device. I´ve been drooling over the Lumia 1020, but never bought one. A Lumia 630 would be an execellent device to try out WP 8.1!

I'd like to win and try to convert someone else in my family to windows phone. Yeah, I'm kinda evil like that. Also I'd like to see if this Lumia has the same problem as my Lumia 925 with windows phone 8.1 and the swiss keyboard. Also, I like free stuff.

Man, i think the lumia 630 is sexy, the body kinda like a surface. Surface phone, in color. Especially the color. The vibrant color is the best, its makes a Lumia, Lumia.

I see more and more 520 around me and a few 610, and i'm still unclear on how the Nokia numbering works with regard to versions. :D

I'd like it so that I could pass my 520 on to my Ma. :-P Also, the 630's better screen would be warmly welcomed by my eyeballs.

Simply to convert my friends, family and most of all all of my work colleges - word of mouth is much more powerful than fiddling around in a phone for five seconds with the sales man breathing down your neck and then having him selling my friends, family and work colleges an android phone only because he (the sales guy) gets the most commission out of it

Well, seems like I won't be doing any converting any time soon - the phones are available to be purchased in mobile phone shops, but I've never seen anyone using them (not even inside the shops!)

Still rocking my L800, so an upgrade to WP8 would be nice. Also, it's a Lumia, which is a great thing on its own. Good luck to y'all. :)

Well.... My 820 dual-core isn't going to keep up for long and I the need for a second sim for internet is getting bigger everyday. The 630's quad-core and dual-sim are perfect for want I need in this moment.

That's the phone I'm looking for because of it's dual sim card. I have two phones because of work, with this phone I would have only 1 :)

here's my entry: I would love to try out Windows Phone and winning this may keep me on the ecosystem. Thanks!

I'd like to a Lumia 630 to give to my girlfriend. I recently made the switch from Android to WP and love it, and I'm trying to get my girlfriend to switch from her iPhone 4 with a cracked screen that she's been using for four months.

Way way way too many Twitter entries, I mean only a small part of the online community uses it (compared to Facebook).

Anyway I would like to win a Lumia 630 because my Lumia 920 is showing too many glitches after it came in contact with the ground while I was riding my bike. Particularly the night time resets are very annoying since its also my alarm clock and the time resets itself!

Given how Windows Phones are awesome whether its low-end or high-end, I suspect the Lumia 630 should do nicely while I save up for a not yet announced high-end device.

Hola y buen día neowin. quiero ganarme el Nokia Lumia 630 ya que mi celular es muy viejo, es un motorola w230 y como pueden ver quiero tener un celular de ultima tecnología y que mas que un nokia que son de los mejores se puede decir y mas con sistema operativo wp8.1 ya que soy fanático a los productos microsoft.

I want to this awesome Lumia simply because i don't have my own smartphone , I have borrowed one from my relative which i will have to give back . THANKS a lot for this awesome giveaway :-)

Not expecting to win but we'll see... never have a smart phone before... googled and looks like this is a Windows 8 OS stuff...

Last nokia i owned was a 5800, it'd be a nice change trying a Windows phone, would like to see the difference between Symbian and W8.1

I'd love to win because i am Windows Phone dev but still i don't own any devices.
I use Android phone as a primary
So if i win it will make me closer to the windows phone platform.

Well, I already have an android phone, but seeing as development on WP8 is closer to what I've learned, I'd like to check it out.

I'd love to win because if I win, this Lumia will be my first smart phone and will certainly get rid of my old nokia 1616 v2 and I'd really love to feel the evolution of nokia that was and remains my favourite mobile phone company (not sure how it is like to be under Microsoft leading, but if I win, I'll certainly figure this out).

Thank you for this Giveaway.

always want to play with windows phone and what is better than have a Nokia device that has great design and performance.

I'd like to win because I just dropped my Lumia 920 yesterday and it landed on the corner with the SIM Tray, now I get SIM errors at any time and have to reseat it. So... PICK ME PLEASE!

I would love to check out Windows Phone and Cortana, but as a poor student, I am doing what I can to save my money.

Currently own a L520, but I could pass that one on to my girlfriend if I win this one

What if you already liked Neowin on FB? Do I Unlike and Re Like ????

This would be a great early Christmas present for my mom - she's got an old flip phone, and it's literally painful to watch her text with it.

I would like to win one, because I have wanted a Lumia 630 for a long time, as in the previous review question asking part I have tried to ask for one. I have purchased a samsung windows phone before but it broke down as soon as the warranty expired, I would assume Nokia (by Microsoft) to be a bit more reliable and durable, but I am still long way in saving in my new phone budget. Also it's my birthday on 20th July( as it says on my passport and what my parents told me), so that would make me a very happy birthday!

I'm always willing to help the WP cause. After all, one more WP on the market is one more reason for a developer to support the platform!

I really need a new phone as my Galaxy Samsung's touch screen is too sensitive and it keeps cutting me off during calls if my cheek even touches it!

I need to win since I do not know when I will be able tp upgrade my Lumia 620 as I am from Malta and Malta is not listed in the Nokia update page (I know that I will eventually receive the update but it will be long! Hopefully NOT)

I'd like to win so I can give it to the sales person at work who's now on month 6 of having an iPhone 3GS with a cracked screen. He always admires my 920 and would like to get him in the WP ecosystem.

I would love to win as my current phone is a 3rd hand iPhone 3 which is battered - would love to own a new phone, especially this one :)

My sister would love one of this. I have Lumia 920 & I love it. With this I hope to bring her into the beautiful world of Windows Phone.

I had around 600 entries in the last Lumia 520 giveaway (conducted last june), but still didn't win. I'm sure a several hundred people entered because of me (using my punchtab referral link). I wish at least I win this one.

I Would love to win this phone because, I really like the phone design wise. Currently have a Lumia 620. I do not play games on my phone , so 1 GB ram is more than enough for me. I would really be happy if I win this one. I wanted to get a new phone, but I wanted a great looking phone. I think this is it!

I would love to win this phone because I wanna have one that can help me in my studies and been using my nokia phone for texting and calls only for almost 5 years.. Want to upgrade my phone and knowledge about windows phones.. :)

It would be nice to win this because it would be a perfect gift for my brother who can barely even use his painfully slow Android phone ;)

Hi, I would like the Lumia 630 because it well built, love the design, powerfull hardaware and it has Windows Phone 8.1, the Best os there is. Is fast, intuitive and very promising. Plus I want to upgrade to a Smartphone.

This phone looks amazingly better then a lot of the other phones out there that are low end and is probably way better then my cheep Samsung phone.

NOKIA LUMIA 630. Is the BEST a ROCKING phone I would very much like to WIN this GREAT COMPETITION to own a NOKIA LUMIA 630 .

I want to win a Nokia because is a NOKIA! Don't need to say anything else. Nokia is Nokia. It's the same if you ask me why Chuck Norris is invencible. He is Chuck Norris!

I'd like to win a Nokia Lumia 630 because I currently do not have a smartphone and would like to try out a Windows Phone as I could sync with my other Microsoft products.

Doesn't this not taint the idea of an unbiased review?

I am not saying your review was biased, but is it ok to give away an item you've previously reviews?

In fact I don't want the Lumia630 (for me). I just want to win it and give it to someone who need it.


I'd like to win the Nokia Lumia 630 because I would like my wife to join me in experiencing the great things Windows Phone has to offer.

I want to win the giveaway Nokia Lumia 630 because I still believe in Nokia,and I have high hopes for the new Microsoft Mobile.Did I say my first mobile ever was a Nokia? :)

Haha, irony of MS UK offering a device to be won worldwide whilst MS US offers devices only for the US...

I would like to win a Lumia 630 to offer to my wife: she is a proud mother of a 2 months old boy and it would be great to take pictures/videos of him and share them on the fly with me, through OneDrive!!!

My wife's smartphone phone is broken and I am trying to win this so that I can save some money (and in the process, get her to start using a Windows Phone - she is currently on another leading OS)

I'd like to win this phone and give it to my sis and make her a WP believer instead of an iPhone that she's currently using. :-)

I'm currently searching the market for the best phone i could get for my girlfriend without her knowledge, since she dropped hers 2 weeks ago and has one ugly crack on the screen plastic protection thingie. This looks sweet and a great present for her! :)

It`s new, it`s fresh, it`s the latest must have gadget for teens, soon the`re going to be everywhere, a whole generation is going to refer to them even if the`re not them.
More to follow...

hey neowin .

i am a big fan of @nokia by @microsoft since childhood .

and i really wanted to win the brand new best budget smartphone from NOKIA : A NOKIA LUMIA 630

powered by the latest WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 OS lumia cyan

best to enjoy the new action centre and cortana on the go .

hope my dream comes true to win 630 from you

as it's #international #giveaway . so hope for best dude .

REGARDS , @aakash006sharma ( twitter ) a true NOKIA lover

Nokia and Microsoft make a good combination for a mobile phone. Currently holding my Nokia 925 in hand, would love a new piece of Nokia hardware. Will tweet about this too!

I love the Lumias by Nokia and the Windows Phone by Microsoft is the best mobile OS out there. I also love the photography features of Lumias as I am a huge photography fan ;)

I would love to win this Lumia 630 because I'm a Windows Phone developer and my HUAWEI W1 isn't supported like Lumia devices (and I can't get one as it's expensive in my country Lumia 520 in my country -Tunisia- is equivalent to the price of Lumia 635)

Looking to move from iOS to Windows Phone as my current contract is almost up. I also like the stylish design of the Nokia Lumia phones. This phone would be a great gift to receive for the transition.