Giveaway: Win one of five 3DMark Advanced Edition copies [Hurry: ends today!]

Want to see if your new PC desktop, notebook or even your new Windows 8 tablet is really powerful enough for you? Then you might want to check out the new version of 3DMark from developer Futuremark. This is just the latest version of the long running PC benchmarking program and this new build works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, and supports Windows 8 for the first time.

While you can download a free version of 3DMark, there's also an advanced version that's on sale normally for $24.99. It has a number of features not in the free version such as the ability to run each of the three benchmark demos individually, as well as a special "Extreme" version of the DirectX 11-baseed Fire Strike demo. It also offers interactive graphics, the ability to save your results for offline use and more.

Today at Neowin, we want to give our many readers a chance to get the 3DMark Advanced Version. Futuremark has sent us five codes for the Advanced Version and you could win one of them.

How do you enter? It's pretty simple, Just do the following:

  1. Like us on Facebook ( if you haven't already*
  2. Re-tweet this post by clicking the button at the top of the article and add @3DMark to the end of the tweet
  3. Make a comment in this post that predicts what your PC rig's score will be in 3DMark.

That's it! Entries are open until 11:59pm ET on Thursday, February 7th, and a winner will be announced sometime on the 8th. Our thanks to Futuremark for the codes. Good luck!

Image via Futuremark

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~4,500 is my guess

PS: Does it matter if my Twitter id does not match Facebook? How will you know it is me when you pick me to win?!

I'd love to use this in my systems. Trying to overclock my dual booted Windows 8 and Windows 7 box for comparison next week and this would be wonderful to have.

I would predict that my score would be greater than zero and less than 20000 - other than that I haven't the foggiest

Good luck everyone!! When I built my system at christmas 2012 I tested it out with the basic 3dmark 11 and scored 16,356 so I would assume it would be there or thereabouts with the new one?

I'm hoping to reach 2500 or so. Maybe 3000 if I put my OC-potential to good use
i5 2500K with kuhler 620, GTX460 with Cyclone cooler

I'll be lucky to crack 1000 (stock Q6600/HD5450 combo); what else can I say? I've stalled and stalled on the hardware.

i never used that software but i guess it wil be pretty decent, core i5 3.2 ghz... 16 gb ddr3 and intel quick sync 2000

I haven't run any of these on one of my computers for years. So I'm guessing I wil score about 2
Even though my machine is exactly one year old this month- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

well I could tweet, if I trusted thier security, but I don't so I guess I wont win because I don't trust twitter. Too bad thocould of been interesting to win.

Using GTX 460 not expecting more than 2.5k points although as someone above mentioned they tend to change their point system too much.

I possibly will get 4-5k, have a overclocked i5 3750K (4.4 Ghz) and a Gigabyte GTX 670 stock OC
Lets see if I can finally win something, never won a thing with these kind of contests

RW87 said,
I possibly will get 4-5k, have a overclocked i5 3750K (4.4 Ghz) and a Gigabyte GTX 670 stock OC
Lets see if I can finally win something, never won a thing with these kind of contests

I never won either, but who knows, wish you luck !

3Dmark has gotten to be a completely ridiculous cash grab. I'll stick with Unigine benchmarks to get a good idea of how upgrades I do compare to my old configurations.

I guess I'm just tired of 3dmark forcing me to run full benchmarks (including stupid "demos" with this version that contain blatant brand advertisement), a process which takes the better part of a half hour. Tons of "Give us money or you can't use this" functionality in this software. Who wants to pay $20+ for a damn benchmark program?

Count me in! My current score will likely be around 2300 with my current build (Q8200, GTX460, DDR2 RAM) but I'll be upgrading soon.

Mine may get 4k, just got a new graphics card. I dream of a higher powered machine!

Thanks for the giveaway - tweeted etc!

Maybe i'll score a 4-5k I think. But with every new version they change the points system so i'm not sure. Thanks for this giveaway. Like and Tweet, done.