Giveaway: Windows 8 Professional

That's right, to celebrate the launch of Windows 8 we're giving away one full retail copy of Windows 8 Professional to a lucky reader.

If you've read our coverage of Windows 8 and the Surface and you love what you're seeing, this is your opportunity to win. It's easy to enter, just comment on this post with why you love Windows 8, and we'll randomly select a winner on Friday, 2nd November.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

The winner will receive a not for resale copy of Windows 8 in the post a few short days later. Multiple comments don't qualify, so please only enter once.

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i love that Microsot revamped their OS. they definitely neeed to compete with Google.

windows 8 has awesome desktop features. The Native ISO mounting, Storage Spaces, Improved Task Manager and File Copy windows are great features to have. File history, built in spell check and autocorrect, nearly zero touch Wi-Fi definitely rate high.

This Password Peek features is very exciting for me.

Add to top that a new Windows Store. This was a much needed feature.Gets rid of the rubbish.

I bought Vista and 7 the very first day they went on sale. No more money now. Trying W8 built 8400 was nice. Hope to win.

I love windows 8 because .. I love change.. some drawbacks are there but still a New ,Modern and different in Look, Feel and Working
Therefore i want it badly .. means very badly therefore " i Hope i will get it from here "
"hope is a good thing,maybe the best of thing and no good thing ever dies "
so i hope i will get it.

I love Windows 8 in a lot of ways. The file copy/cut operation should be better. Power management. Integrated virtualization should be better. The options for fixing/reinstalling should be better. There of course is the Store and so on.

I also like the general fact that Microsoft is trying to get Windows ready for the future and various form factors even if that means a bit of awkwardness as Windows transitions. Microsoft has always been fairly conservative and played it safe with Windows because compatibility is paramount. In fact, the only reason why Windows 8 is probably awkward (due to the hybrid nature) is because Windows 8 is still somewhat straddling the fence for compatibility with desktops, laptops, and tablets/touch devices. But, I also find that "can do all" aspect desirable compared to iOS.

I totally love the new metro screen in Windows 8 and the new sleek feel it provides. Of course, the UI navigation will take a little getting use to but W8 is spanking hot! Cheers to neowin for the license giveaway.

Why I love windows 8? Hmm .... Or why would like to have a copy of windows 8? ... Actually, I don't own any windows os after windows xp. So yes, I am trying to like to it (or 'modernize my os on the windows camp). However, windows 8 allow me to play games that supports/requires DX10 and/or DX11. I guess it is something that I would love about windows 8.

I love the new look of windows 8 & as long as I have heard it is more updated, secure, feature-rich & faster than windows 7. So please count me in for this great giveaway. Hope I will win..

Windows 8 is a step above the rest and the ease of use has definitely been considered one example is the new Task Manager. Out of the box usage especially for printers and other droid apps are awesome. Metro UI is a fresh new touch and WOW! Consider me please

Windows 8 is SNAPPY/ZIPPY! I love the new interface. Clean vibrant. Touch capability and easy to navigate. ISO mounting is great! Congratulations Neowin for this great contest

Thanks for the contest.
I want win Windows 8 because,to be honest, I am bored of using my vista home basic and I want to give a new life to my five year old desktop.
Hope to win..

I love Windows 8 because it is better than Windows 7.
I have used Windows 8 beta and i would love to have the professional one.
I want to WinDo8...

I love Windows 8 Because is a great Operative System and with the new feature that are the apps makes it incredible is just like a PC with a phone You can use the desktop and the apps, It's just great

I like how fast Windows 8 can be. I think the use of apps is an innovative way to look at content.

I've been using Windows 8 since the Dev Preview and it's my favorite Windows OS so far. It's fast and fluid and the new start screen allowing you to "glance and go" is great.

Where to begin? Windows 8 is the most solid and innovative version of Windows ever. The Metro UI, the App Store, the Charms bar and Contracts, and integration with other Microsoft services (Xbox, SkyDrive, etc) are my favorite features.

I love Windows 8 for many reasons... "under the hood" improvements in performance, efficiency, especially power efficiency, improved options for repairing Windows or reinstalling, improved file copy / cut (move), improved integrated virtualization support, and more. Furthermore, although I find multitasking on a desktop PC a bit uncomfortable compared to Windows 7, I like the idea of one OS that can handle being used for Xbox (future ?), desktop/laptop, and/or on a tablet.

I love Windows 8, the interface is cool, i love the metro style and I love the way you swipe just like your phone

Would be really nice to get a copy of windows 8 as microsoft fu..ed up and you can't order the upgrade in norway.

From what I've read and seen on different media Windows 8 is a quite radical change for microsoft. This intrigues me and as I normally either use Pro and/or Ultimate versions I'd love to get the chance to investigate what's new for free so please count me into this giveaway draw. Thanks guys/gals.

I love Windows 8 for the new Metro (Okay, fine, Microsoft Design Language) style UI. Beautiful, crisp, modern and a fresh look to an already superior operating system.

I Guess I'm getting old cause a new windows always reminds me of getting my first PC. We had all apple computers in class but I remember going to the store and how easier it was to just get a windows (version 3.11) at the time and bring it home. But then I found out just how hard it was just to get a game installed not to mention getting it to run! Windows 8.... literally plug and playing it!

There's only one reason to love the Microsoft products, and the reason is simple " They make you to love them" aka Windows 8 and Wp8

had a chance to play with Surface and Windows 8 yesterday at the mall... I liked both the new OS and the Surface hardware. I'm excited about Windows 8 touch interface, and OneNote MX for some everyday uses where a normal laptop wouldn't be viable.

I love Windows 8 because it made my crappy four year old HP laptop run much better ( I can actually stream video). We already have five Windows Phone 7's. Now I would like another copy to put on my wife's laptop so we all can take advantage of the advances.

I love Windows 8 because Redmond seems to have taken notice & really tried to implement better security into this new OS. It's not just a new GUI layered over 7. There is lots of new stuff under the hood, better DEP, new tickless kernel, streamlined memory usage...I could go on & on, but hopefully neowin will consider me worthy to put this new tech to work.

I will install Windows 8 as soon as I can because:
1) It has a spanking-new UI that looks brilliant
2) No functionality lost from the Windows 7 desktop
3) Superior performance, features, future-proofing compatibility
4) Much, much faster startup than Windows 7

I love windows 8 because it's has change Microsoft and entire windows OS and will help developers to generate money! it will be world's most used OS ever in the world. It will be fastest OS who will gap the majors app shortly. Windows 8 has changed the Microsoft their strategy,innovation Marketing.

I love Windows 8 for many reasons! Among them are Fast Boot, tablets that are as functional as full laptop computer (very handy for my programming work), and the Apps (of course).

Windows 8 is very light and very fast.I like that.Windows 8 is grand success. I use windows 8 enterprise.It is expire at 1-31-2013.So please give me Windows 8 pro Licence please.....

I love Windows 8 because my local account at home, and my domain account in the office are synced using my Microsoft Account and Sky Drive!

I love Windows 8 because the sandboxing in Metro makes me feel more secure. I know UAC is frowned upon but when my IT/Computer Science brother had his system compromised I contemplated getting a Mac. I found running a software firewall annoying and now Windows 8 makes me feel more secure with online banking etc. I also like the FB integration so I can do a split screen between Desktop mode and have Messaging on the side for Live/FB contacts.

Seen it on the laptop of a friend and it looks great! Seems to be faster too

(don't have facebook nor twitter so good luck to y'all)

8 reasons why I love Windows 8:

1. I love how I don't have to check 15 websites to start my day. I can check my startscreen to see whether or not I have any new mails or facebook messages, whether or not there is incomming rain or if my train is delayed (the last one of my favorite). One glance and my mind is at ease.

2. The new interface is a easy to use, provides a lot of information quickly and is just a lot of fun to use. I especially love the transitional animations that also are functional. Using it brings me back to the childhood when exploring a PC was as fun as playing a game on it.

3. I love how it integrates all the services that I use into one. One app for all my emails. One app to chat with friends, family and co-workers on multiple platforms. One app for calendar appointments on facebook, outlook and gmail. Etc.

4. I love the search charm. From how you can just start to type from the startscreen to starting a search in internet exploring and continuing in Bing News or Wikipedia. So easy to use, its my favorite way to launch apps and explore the OS. (I also love the other charms, they offer one location for often used functions. No need to figure out how to do common things in each application. This was a seperate point first but I had to narrow it down to 8..)

5. I love its potential. How things such as the search charm keep growing in functionality as new apps get added. The possibilities are very exciting, it seems Microsoft is way ahead of the competition.

6. I love how Windows 8 simplifies the Windows experience that has grown unnecessarily complex over the years. In Windows 7 we can put shortcuts on our desktop, in the startmenu, on our taskbar and in the explorer window. It has become overkill. Windows 8 offers one menu, the startscreen, that is the explorer window, the startmenu, the desktop, the taskbar and the gadget/widget bar all in one.

7. I love how I can have a similar experience across multiple screens. From PC to tablet to phone. It is only a matter of time until the xbox will also come with Windows 8. The same OS powering a unified experience.

8. It has the desktop in there to provide access to content not yet available in the new UI. I see the desktop environment similar to DOS-mode in Windows 98, its there for when you need it but you'll use it less and less over time.

I can't honestly say if I like Windows 8 yet. I never got the time to try the consumer preview. I really don't care for what I have seen of the metro design style but from what I understand you aren't forced to use it all of the time. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to try it if I win.

Love the Metro UI for windows 8. It's fresh and the subtle animations make it for an exciting OS.

I love Windows 8 because I can hang out in the "metro" apps all day and jump to the classic desktop whenever I feel like it. A great melding of new and old. I am one of the few that is actually glad they got rid of the start button and menu.

I love windows 8 because of its cloud saving features and inter-device compatibility. Its about Time! Thank you Microsoft for listening to your fans!

I love Windows 8. This is because of its new Start menu, its fluidness... and of course its Modern UI enhancements

I love Windows 8 because it fully utilizes my (AMD FX-8150) processor capabilities (contrary to Windows 7)...

Posted from Linux Mint 13

Why? To grow my ecosystem. I waited at 1am on the 26th to get my surface, didn't with the drawing for the box,but got one yr subscription gift card. Loving my surface, now I want windows 8 for my desktop. So help me!

Windows 8 is like having eight windows opened at the same time and getting a a sweet brezze in your face with a delicate sound coming from the speakers and giving your ears and eyes a state of bliss for a second.

kafkacell said,
Windows 8 is like having eight windows opened at the same time and getting a a sweet brezze in your face with a delicate sound coming from the speakers and giving your ears and eyes a state of bliss for a second.

LOL,Rock On bro !

I love Windows 8 because it gives us a whole new way to use and interact the PC and other devices. Plus I'm a fan of Microsoft and you could call me a fanboy.

I love Windows 8 because it complete changes our life, making it easier and simple.
It's Windows, reimagined but i don't wanna imagine surfing here in Neowin, i really wanna do it with a copy of this awesome OS.

I love using it because I enjoy learning the changes in the OS, seeing the new features such as the Start Screen and the Windows Store, and the efficiency and speed of the OS. I'm happy the the upgrade was successful and my hardware and software work.

I have to say I was ready to HATE win 8 but I'm pleasantly surprised how much I really like it and how configurable it is (thanks to stardock, etc.). I'm dual booting on my win 7 machine with a VHD on a solid state drive and after one day I'm impressed! So far all of my programs that I've installed have worked seamlessly. I also have an XP machine and a MAC MINI and of course Win 7. I think I will be soon making Win 8 my primary machine. WOW! Way to go Microsoft.

odatkid said,
I have to say I was ready to HATE win 8 but I'm pleasantly surprised how much I really like it and how configurable it is (thanks to Classic Shell (IvoSoft)). I'm dual booting on my win 7 machine with a VHD on a solid state drive and after one day I'm impressed! So far all of my programs that I've installed have worked seamlessly. I also have an XP machine and a MAC MINI and of course Win 7. I think I will be soon making Win 8 my primary machine. WOW! Way to go Microsoft.

I love(d) Windows 8 during the previews. It made my hardware run so much faster! I'm dying to get my hands on the RTM! I cannot afford it at this current time, so I desperately hope I am deserving enough as a long time neowin-aholic to win this awesome piece of software! (Not trying to sound conceited, just hoping I can get lucky enough to win this awesome prize!) I love you neowin! You're my home away from home!

Windows 8-New generation OS.
Don't have one or two reasons to like.
Its like entering into a whole new world.
In one word "SUPERB"

Windows 8 is just what was needed to pump new life into an aging system. Windows was so stuck in the past and Windows 8 takes a huge jump into the future of computing. It was a brave move and they will prove it was the right move.

I love the underlying tech, but that's about it. As a user interface it is still lacking. Would be willing to try a free copy of the RTM tho.

Having a physical copy of something is always safer than just holding a digital version ...
Hang on ...
Is it possible to hold a digital version ?!?!?!

I love Windows 8,because its faster,snappier and works better on my machine and because i don't hate the new start screen and actually like it.

I Love Windows 8 because of the early price break of $39.00 with free Windows Media Center. So if I don't get lucky and win this copy your giving away, I have until Jan.1 to get the offer I mention.

I love Windows 8 because its a new path towards new generations of Windows and because Microsoft engineers risk everything on this product!

I love windows 8 so much I bought 3 keys for 3 machines.

I can do more with windows 8 that I could with windows 7. checking my twitter feeds on the fly and builtin facebook chat. check my email as soon as I log in.

but I do have one machine that is still missing windows 8.......

I will be interested to see how 8 takes on on the destop/laptop sector, I think the tablets are going to give the iPad a run for its money.

I hope to love in Windows 8. I hope you get a chance to use license is also of interest.
Good Giveaway.
Thanks For Giveaway.

I love windows 8 because I am a Microsoft nut and working in IT for a living I have to know this stuff backwards...

I love Windows 8 because it's quick, light, and beautiful. I feel like my hardware is being better utilized with Windows 8 and the that the Adobe suite gets a little bit of a speed boost. =)

I actually like the "Metro" interface actually. Makes things easy and helpful when jumping on the PC for a quick couple of minutes

I Love Windows 8 because it's the OS that i used since my first computer a long time ago, and because of the Metro (Well, Modern) UI that is simple and beautiful

I love Windows 8 because on the desktop side there are many improvements, such as the new ribbon in Explorer. I also love the very quick boot: 9 seconds on my machine. I love the fact that it seems to use fewer resources than Windows 7. The Store is pretty nice, too, as is the low, low price. Good job, Microsoft!

I love Windows 8 because of the Modern UI. the new apps, and also I was able to install the Consumer Preview on my old machine and it runs faster than before! Also all my apps are working with Windows 8.

I love Windows 8 because of the optional experiences. Live tiles or "traditional" Windows experience. Some operations are suited well for live tiles and others are not. So nice to be able to choose.

I enjoy Windows 8 because of its "modern" style and sleekness! Microsoft took a radical approach to create a product that extends across many platforms. That's really amazing.

I love Windows 8 because it is new, fresh, exciting and provides me with greater flexibility to use my laptop via touch, mouse or keyboard.

I love it because it makes sense to me as I was already familiar with Metro/Modern from the ZuneHD and WP7 I own. It performs admirably and in a desktop environment I might add.

I have used Windows forever and I like the interface formerly known as metro (modern?) Microsoft design style.

Why I love Windows 8, you ask? 2 reasons: 1) it's the first time, well, ever, that there's any hint of design aesthetic excellence in a MS product. 2) my desktop boots in 8 seconds. 8 SECONDS. That has NEVER happened before.

So yes, I'll take that free copy, please then I can install it on my parents pc and we'll be a happy Windows 8 family.

Having had to use the release preview in an emergency after my old hard drive failed, I've gotten to know Win8 as a primary operating system quite well. Even the RP is so much more of a smooth experience compared to Win7, and that's operating primarily in desktop mode. When your hardware is aging, to suddenly be able to do things more quickly and efficiently is a wonderful experience and I love it for that.

What I love about Windows 8 is it finally caters to a larger audience, with less versions. You can now go metro or "old school" as I call it, with the click of a button on your screen. The best part is that now Windows Phone, Xbox, and your Desktop/Laptop are all in sync not only through the cloud if you choose to do so, but also visually. I love it!

I love Windows 8 because it's the latest version of Microsoft's OS and it'll allow me to test it for my customers.

Thanks for the giveaway. As what I have read so far from ppls experience, Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 in terms of security and resource usage. The Metro Look and missing Start button are annoying given that I do not have a touch interface, there is pretty much a good workaround available to get the start button back.

To avail a better secured product I would like to win the license for Windows 8. Please count me in.


I love Windows 8 because it's bloody fast to load, fast to load apps, and gets me away from the GDI apps I'd been using. Also, don't need cFosSpeed for online gaming anymore.

I love windows 8 because my life has been made simple, I'm connected from the start and I love the design..... Its B.E.A.utiful

i must win this copy! but why, you ask... because my mother is not the most educated person on computers and i think that Windows 8 is the most user friendly windows made until today. This new design is much more simple to work with for people that doesn't know much about computers.

So please, random thingy that randomly chooses the winner...PICK ME!!!

I love Windows 8 because of the performance enhancements. And the integration.

By the way, is it a "US only" giveaway or is it open to everyone?

I love it because...

... Hyper-V is included. I use this daily now rather than VMware Workstation. Have to connect to VM's via RDP to make up for some of the lacking console functionality, but the performance of a level 1 hypervisor (Hyper-V) vs a level 2 hypervisor is huge.

... you can accidently hit your back button in IE10 when typing messages on Neowin, press forward again, and not loose the message you were typing into the comment field.

... Remote Desktop session nesting is actually supported now.

... of the new PowerShell functionality.

... of Virtual Smart Cards on TPM's.

... Enterprise edition supports running from portable flash drives.

I can't say what I love without saying what I hate. I hate Windows 8 because...

Microsoft killed Ultimate Edition, which was the only way to get Enterprise Edition features on home machines. Now the only way to get those features legally is to buy Server 2012 Standard.

Microsoft does not sell Enterprise Edition functionality as an addon for Professional.

That AppLocker, and a lot of other GPO functionality, was removed from Professional edition.

Microsoft did not include RemoteFX in with Hyper-V. This cripples Hyper-V in a way that prevents RDP from being able to do video, 3d, and full USB redirection between the VM and the host.

I'd like to try the new windows 8 interface, it would be a big change from XP.
If it doesn't satisfy me, I'll switch it off or downgrade to Windows 7.

i love windows 8 because it bought all the MS Software and hardware under one roof be it Xbox , be it surface , be it Windows Phone 8
And it will help windows phone 8 to penetrate the Mobile market bcoz of the same base code

I love Windows 8 because it has faster boot speed, no more desktop screen with the OLD Start button/orb and a metro interface with lots of apps just like android and IOS, only that it's on PC, comes with antivirus and anti malware protection, better personalization, no hassle required to upgrade my current system and best of all it does not sacrifice compatibility for it's usability.

I like being sign on to Windows with a single email address across all my Windows 8 devices. No more trying to update the password on each device separately!

i Love Windows 8 because it just works the new metro interface is easy to use. Performance wise i also like windows 8 boot times are improved alot and the speed of the OS just feels good.

This is a good initiative, I simply love the new direction Microsoft took. I also recommend windows 8 because I'm very pleased by it's functionality.

I have been using windows since it was a Shell program in DOS. I love windows 8, its simple to use my PC seems (not sure) faster but over all Windows 8 will be a new XP imo (I know I know Windows 7 is) lol

I'm loving Windows 8 because of the super dooper quick bootup speeds, and how stable it is with all my hardware and software. Hands down, best Windows product to date!!!

I like Windows 8 because it's fast, immersive and gives a comprehensive computing experience being connected to cloud.

I think Windows 8 is the fastest and nice looking windows OS to date and deserves to be recognized as such. I love Windows 8 for these reasons alone. Thank you.

I love Windows 8 because it is innovative, easy to use and flexible. It also opens many possibilities for innovating and using technology in new ways.

I love windows 8 because it is very fast, fluid, very innovative, something totally different, working with PC is not pleasure and it puts smile on everyone's face

I Love the new Loginscreen and the Picture Password - the ease of use and allots more... Nice OS - Windows 8

Yours Truly


I love Windows 8 because its daring and innovative. The use of live tiles makes the whole change workable, and really, is it that much of a loss not to have a desktop automatically? It's still there, you just get to choose when you see it.

I like the fact that Windows 8 is the first OS that trys to tackle both PC and tablet experiences, and thank you for the giveaway!

i love windows 8 bcoz of its new metro look, i used its trail packs n its awesome. It improve hardware and battery life of the device and now its also compatable with touch. and the best feature are multitasking n u can pause during copying files...

I love Windows 8 because it is a fresh feel to an operating system that I have used all my life. Its comparable to iOS/OSX which are great but it is simplistic, fast and amazing from a multi purpose OS (Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop/Server/RT)

Firstly when i see windows 8 heart says its beautiful.....and i read at google its have many new i think i should try it.....and its have modern ui not like window xp and 7....and i hope o will get it one from you,..thanks...

The reason I love windows 8 is because it is super fast on boot-up and I like the new metro interface, it is different and some getting used to but it is awesome.

Honestly, I think the new start screen actually makes me more productive. The ability to switch back and forth between tasks is easier then when scrolling down the traditional folder view of the old start menu. The apps on the front page are also useful for finding detailed information of the day like weather forecasts, traffic or listening to a podcast while getting ready for work. Unlike in the past, this version of Windows just seems to kind of flow with my daily schedule, which can be beneficial when handling multiple jobs and a series of other activities.

I love Windows 8 - really the best and really great OS from Microsoft! Thanks Neowin for this nice giveaway and this chance! Best Regards.

I love Windows 8 for the integration with the Microsoft Account and all its services as well as for the best performance I have ever had on my PC.

I love Windows 8 because... it is a nice, fresh direction that Microsoft is moving in and that all my devices are unified across several platforms where the UIX is all recognizable and don't look out of place with one another.

I love Windows 8 because it has significant improvements over Windows 7. It has great touch inputs, which i believe it's already the future. Great design and great responsiveness.

i love windows 8 coz this os integrates the different platforms tablet,phone and PC into one beautiful and amazing experience which puts the user first.I am win phone 7 user(samsung focus) and got it coz its different,fast n fluid and would love to have windows 8 for my pc to unify this amazing metro experince..!!

I really love Windows 8 for such simple thing, like time it needed to enter Sleep. It was really big advantage over Windows 7 (for me).

I love it as it has new bugs, it makes useful staff harder to find, most things requires more and longer mouse moves to reach the destination, that the focus rectangle in metro is not drawn initially so it is a lottery what will happen after pressing Enter or Spacebar, the number of coffees I have time for as I am blocked from doing anything else while Metro apps are starting or loading some data (Windows Store included), as there is (almost) no multitasking in Metro etc. I also love the lack of description what the marketing phrases means (Windows 8 Upgrade offer for example) as well as waiting on official Microsoft line until they discuss internally what Microsoft meant with that marketing phrases and what will actually happen.

Edited by mumumumu, Oct 29 2012, 11:48am :

I'll give this competition a go even though i'm in ALGERIA and don't stand a chance.

I love WINDOWS 7 (yes, you heard me), it's the best OS out there. I have installed WINDOWS 8 and now, i don't ever think i'll go back to windows 7 (my windows 8 copy is a torrent-downloaded-skype-activated one, i'd love a physical, legitimate copy).

I don't love Windows 8...I just deleted the whole partition. >>Unrecognized error...Windows 8 will now self-destruct....O_o. Maybe I should leave security next time alone.

I have been loving Windows 8 more and more since the early test builds late last year. It's fast, adds a lot of new features (even under the hood). Good job MS!

I love Windows Surface Pro because it's like an iPad but it lets me run all my favourite desktop software the way I want to ....
Now please can I have a Surface Pro when you eventually get one of those to give away?!!

I love Windows 8 because Neowin would love to give me a copy (Oh, and the OS is the best thing that Microsoft have done in years........just wish I could persuade my boss to get me a touchscreen monitor to drive it with!!)

I won't be surprised if today is the day when Neowin has witnessesed a record number of dublicate accounts being registered

I like Windows 8 cause it is new look with great new features like, account integration, USB 3.0, multiple monitor support, Hyper-V, repair and recover, to name a few. It looks simply fresh.

I love Windows 8 because it has reminded us that the majority of users complain every time things change. The introduction of the ribbon into day to day OS tasks is simply brilliant and now that I am used to the Start "Screen" I can find my applications quickly and receive notifications from "apps".

Using it for months already - dual monitor taskbar, metro UI is nice to arrange stuff on, faster, not a single hickup all that time, it just works!

I love Windows 8 because I don't have to buy 2 devices to able to use computer on the couch or at my desk. It adapts to my needs!

I enjoy the opportunity to sell Windows 8 in retail, as it is a huge paradigm shift in the way we use computers! So intuitive!

I love Windows 8 because it's easier to use for people that don't understand computers.
It also has more memory available to run more programs and it's built for the future using HTML 5.

Windows 8 is like that feeling you get when you know you are winning in life.

I love Windows 8 Bcoz

- Speedy Boot Time
- Innovative & Dynamic Desktop
- Improved Search Function
- Windows To Go
- Windows Live Syncing

and mostly

- It's Windows 7 v2.0

I love Windows 8 because it gives people the possibility to have a unique, fast, modern and easy to use platform for a variety of new and smart devices.

The Windows 8 is the ultimate operating system in comparatively windows 7.
Because of its some awesome feature list:-

1] Fast boot-time - times takes only 10 seconds!!!!
2] Minimum ram uses - takes only 128 MB of ram in 3.89 GB!!!!!!!
3] Supports 99.9% softwares!!!!!!!
4] Fastest Internet Explorer 10
5] Modern UI is Excellent
6] More security
7] Crystal clear graphics....more!!!!!!!!

Windows 8 really beat windows 7 in next few months, because of it's awesome features!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I WANT IT... :- )

At first, I wasn't too fond of the earlier versions of Windows 8, it had a few quirks that have been ironed out in time. Initially I thought It was going to be a long time before I dropped 7 and picked up Windows 8 full time; but as soon as I had used the final version, I FELL IN LOVE!

Having a (2 touch IR) touchscreen monitor at home, I genuinely couldn't leave it alone. Windows 8 felt like it NEEDED to be touched and moved around the screen.

One thing I think is extremely cool is the charms bar. The Charms Bar is one of the most intuitive parts to Windows 8 (the start screen being #1). Firstly, I love how it swoops in, tracking as you move your finger across the right of the screen. It complements the start screen perfectly in everything it does. 50 different settings menus are a thing of the PAST! One swipe in and BOOM everything is at your finger tips!

The whole experience I got hands on was incredible. Having now used the final version of Windows 8, I can personally say it beats android in MANY areas. And for me to say that, it's got to be pretty good as 'I'm a living on the edge' android user!

I love Windows 8 because it is stylish, modern, something different to learn and least but not last , has managed to influence standard design practices.

I'll give this competition a go even though i'm in ALGERIA and don't stand a chance.

I love WINDOWS 7 (yes, you heard me), it's the best OS out there. I have installed WINDOWS 8 and now, i don't ever think i'll go back to windows 7 (my windows 8 copy is a torrent-downloaded-skype-activated one, i'd love a physical, legitimate copy).

Because I noticed the dead line was 'randomly select a winner on Friday, 2nd October.' and because i need a windows 8 machine to troubleshoot problems relatives have because they never listen to me when I say INSTALL UBUNTU

I love windows 8, Becose the Copy Dialog is amazing the Flater Interface is nice and I am getting a new PC that would run Sweet using windows 8 Pro

I love windows 8 because it takes a brand new way off using your computer with a modern and colorful UI! It takes advantage of brand new innovations such as HTML5 and CSS3 so it a new challenge for developers and a new way of using the Desktop for Users.

Windows 8 is the beginning of a lot off new things such as Tablet PC Hybrids.... And full usage of a touch screen and SSD and 64 Bit that I all love....

Do i love windows8? **** knows,but will give a try if you fuys give one away free
touch screens? i am a chain smoker and will keep putting my cig out on screen
when watching cam girls,where do u touch?
i will never use ie10...swirion is for me
my pc is for games and porn so why win8 but you can give me win8 too try,see if you can convert me

I love Windows 8 because its new, cool UI and I really love the improvements and additional feature that will robust my computing task.

I love how speedy it is! even on old hardware the speed boost is very noticeable. Plus I've grown to love the overall simplicity of the OS, at first saw it as a negative but now I can see that "less really is more". Corny but true

I will like a copy of Windows 8 because of the speedier boots, better performance and new interface. I don't mind the start screen as I use RocketDock

I like Windows 8 because it's fast, optimized and works great on my old PC. That's all. Other than that, i hate it. But i use it with the help of Start8/Pokki.

I love Windows 8 because my 4 year old and 2 year old can just touch the screen and play games and learn
Instead of being tide down to an iPad that is using a phone OS.

My kids will truly learn how to start using a PC because of WIndows 8

And that is why My wife,Kids, and I love WIndows 8

After running the RTM on both my desktop and laptop, I am impressed by how polished the product feels and behaves. Have had no issues so far and as new apps come out, I am certain the user experience will only get better.

first look it's very pretty
first use it's smooth and faster
I fall in love Modern UI because it make me wow Microsoft brave to change every your idea to thing about old windows . I can install windows 8 on my old computer with out problem and can run smooth. Microsoft bring a new and nice experience to me thank you.

I think the best thing about Windows 8 is the bold push that Microsoft is aiming for. The competition thinks the best way is to have a different OS for different platform, while Windows is one OS to rule them all. It may take time, but Windows will still come out on top.

I love it because of improved NTFS permissions settings dialog. Just kidding.
Really I love it because of ribbon in File Explorer.

I love windows 8 due to its beautiful interface and intuitive multitasking. BTW, will you be selecting the winner on friday 2nd OCTOBER? How?

The main things that makes me to love Windows 8:
*Newest OS from Microsoft
*New UI (Metro/Modern UI)
*Metro/Modern Apps
*New Start Menu
*Multitasking (Working with multiple applications)

I love Windows 8 because it's Microsofts first attempt in a while to push the boundaries in the PC space... about time we had someone with balls trying out new ideas!

I love Windows 8 'cause it's an amazing operatingsystem, as wel on desktops as on tablets. I don't know why some people are against the Live Tiles on a desktop. I mean, the icons are since Windows Vista also bigger, now they just give some nice information in a brand new start screen. Also, Windows 8 is faster in everything. Since I'm using it on a laptop, my battery can work longer (about 31 min.). I love Windows 8 'cause it's Windows 7, but better.