Giveaway: Windows 8 Professional

That's right, to celebrate the launch of Windows 8 we're giving away one full retail copy of Windows 8 Professional to a lucky reader.

If you've read our coverage of Windows 8 and the Surface and you love what you're seeing, this is your opportunity to win. It's easy to enter, just comment on this post with why you love Windows 8, and we'll randomly select a winner on Friday, 2nd November.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

The winner will receive a not for resale copy of Windows 8 in the post a few short days later. Multiple comments don't qualify, so please only enter once.

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I love the new look of windows 8 & as long as I have heard it is more updated, secure, feature-rich & faster than windows 7. So please count me in for this great giveaway. Hope I will win..

Why I love windows 8? Hmm .... Or why would like to have a copy of windows 8? ... Actually, I don't own any windows os after windows xp. So yes, I am trying to like to it (or 'modernize my os on the windows camp). However, windows 8 allow me to play games that supports/requires DX10 and/or DX11. I guess it is something that I would love about windows 8.

I totally love the new metro screen in Windows 8 and the new sleek feel it provides. Of course, the UI navigation will take a little getting use to but W8 is spanking hot! Cheers to neowin for the license giveaway.

I love Windows 8 in a lot of ways. The file copy/cut operation should be better. Power management. Integrated virtualization should be better. The options for fixing/reinstalling should be better. There of course is the Store and so on.

I also like the general fact that Microsoft is trying to get Windows ready for the future and various form factors even if that means a bit of awkwardness as Windows transitions. Microsoft has always been fairly conservative and played it safe with Windows because compatibility is paramount. In fact, the only reason why Windows 8 is probably awkward (due to the hybrid nature) is because Windows 8 is still somewhat straddling the fence for compatibility with desktops, laptops, and tablets/touch devices. But, I also find that "can do all" aspect desirable compared to iOS.

I love windows 8 because .. I love change.. some drawbacks are there but still a New ,Modern and different in Look, Feel and Working
Therefore i want it badly .. means very badly therefore " i Hope i will get it from here "
"hope is a good thing,maybe the best of thing and no good thing ever dies "
so i hope i will get it.

I bought Vista and 7 the very first day they went on sale. No more money now. Trying W8 built 8400 was nice. Hope to win.

i love that Microsot revamped their OS. they definitely neeed to compete with Google.

windows 8 has awesome desktop features. The Native ISO mounting, Storage Spaces, Improved Task Manager and File Copy windows are great features to have. File history, built in spell check and autocorrect, nearly zero touch Wi-Fi definitely rate high.

This Password Peek features is very exciting for me.

Add to top that a new Windows Store. This was a much needed feature.Gets rid of the rubbish.

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