Gmail enables multi-attachment uploading

If you use Google Mail for your email needs and get frustrated that you can't select more then one file at once well you can now rejoice because Google have enabled the feature in their service. The system works a bit like the flickr uploader where when selecting a file you hold down CTRL and select the other files you want to attach and what's even better when you attach them you can see each attachment uploading through the new progress bar. This is another great feature added to an already amazing email service.

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That's wonderful, but is there a way to get Adblock to not have that little tab that says 'Block'? It's not obtrusive in my subject line, but it's a minor annoyance.

I'm interested to know how they have done this. As I am Web Developer and I could not find a way. As you can't control the OS file open dialogs from script. The open dialogs only allow one item to be selected at a time.

nice. was sending an email earlier and noticed this when attaching a few files. nice that it shows the upload progress even while you're still typing the email

I like are they using an iframe to work that progress monitoring? I thought you couldn't do something like that without an HTTPPost?

I tried right clicking and didn't see any flash menu. Also, I dont think they should rely on flash or any other extension for the web-based email application. Maybe i'm missing something.

Due to security, a website can't access a user's file directory at all via Javascript or AJAX. It has to be via Flash or Sun Java or another plugin. Facebook uses Java, for example.

No they don't. They are using flash like noPCtoday said.

Uploading link from gmail: .../mail/uploader/uploaderapi2.swf?alpha=0&apiId=1

Well I'd bet Google uses AJAX *somewhere*. But anyways, I'm sure they don't look at a user's entire file tree via Javascript -- that has to be Flash. I'm almost certain it's impossible from Javascript, and from a browser vendor's perspective, the vendor has to hide the user's file tree for said security reasons. When using an HTML file upload form, the filepath value that's reported in Javascript is simply "filename.ext" -- the path is omitted. Firefox 3 and IE7 do that I believe.

But as for AJAX, I wouldn't be surprised if the Flash applet reported filenames to the AJAX and things took off from there.

Google uses Ajax all over the place in GMAIL, but in the file uploading, not sure where. If anywhere it could be in the displaying of the results after they are uploaded. However, you know what...if you have Firefox and technically shouldn't work until you allow it.