Gmail expands pop-up UI to everyone, kills old compose interface

It seems like the moment some of us have been dreading for a long time is finally upon us. Gmail is officially killing the old Compose interface and replacing it for everyone with the new pop-up one.

Now this news isn’t exactly surprising as many users have already received the interface changes, and the new pop-up UI is actually set to be the default one, but for those of us still hanging on to the old version this is the end.

Google argues that the new UI offers a lot more flexibility and users even have the ability to write multiple drafts at the same time. The company even listened to feedback in started including a “maximized” version of the pop-up a few weeks ago. However, many users still find this new design to be infuriating and distracting. Unfortunately there’s nothing they can do short of switching to Outlook.

Source: Gmail Via: Engadget | Thanks V-tech for the tip! Image via Google

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I don't understand why everyone is whining. It looks and functions fine. Yes, the first time I encountered it I was thrown off at first, thinking "What the hell is this crap?" But as I used it, I got adjusted to it, and it works just fine. You can type in it, you can copy and paste in it, you can add attachments -- it still has the same functionality as the old compose window. It's not like you sit there staring at it the entire time you're looking through your e-mail. You view it to send an e-mail and that's the last time you see it until you send another message.

You guys can go back to Outlook all you want. That is the most cluttered resource hogging piece of crap I've ever used in my life (actually makes Internet Explorer seem like it's not so bad after all), personally. But that's just my opinion.

Well geez, isn't that swell.

I know of many other webmail providers that have had this feature for ages.

Looks like Google are innovating again!

Google is sure on a roll.

First they removed push support for new iOS users (or old users who change settings) to force people to use their horrible iOS app, and now they ruin the desktop UI.

Have NEVER liked an e-mail that has a popup window like that and have NEVER really liked Gmails crap a** mail either, although I have 3 accounts. All 3 are used junk for junk storage!

Maybe because I use the junk basic version of Gmail, I am not getting that popup window, which is very cool.

I hated it when it was in the bottom left corner.. what an annoying way to work, it's not bloody Facebook chat (which i also hate)... but then discovered it could be maximised to full screen which centres it so now it's ok.

The maximized version is definitely decent but the right corner stuff was simply horrid. Trying to write serious important e-mails in a cramped little window that's similar to FB chat - HORRIBLE.

Vlad Dudau said,
The maximized version is definitely decent but the right corner stuff was simply horrid. Trying to write serious important e-mails in a cramped little window that's similar to FB chat - HORRIBLE.

Small window for quick emails maximized for serious long emails. That's how I have been using for a while now.

Neobond said,
What are those names down the left bottom of the mail UI? I don't have them.. Google chat or something?

Do you mean the hangout section?

Doesn't bother me to be honest - been a GMail user pretty much since it first came out, and none of the changes they've made have ever bothered me that much!

Now their new version of maps that uses WebGL on the other hand...

"Unfortunately there's nothing they can do short of switching to Outlook."

Well, yes, there's something else you can do if you really really can't stand the new design: use a mail client.

I like it. In the early stage when there wasn't a larger view it was annoying but now they're basically back at the old functionality level with a better UI. Best thing about it is that it makes it incredibly easy to read other mails while working on one, or quickly copy snippets while in the small mode.

wingliston said,
Glad I switched to Outlook.

I use Gmail and and while I prefer the old Compose interface in Gmail, it's still miles ahead of Outlook's Compose interface.

It still has To, Subject and Body fields, and a Send button. What's new? I wish had those nice gradients, instead of a High Contrast White theme.

Som said,
can't stand it personally

looks like I'll have to revert to using Outlook 2010 to send messages and dump gmail's web interface for composing emails.

who know's, maybe I'll dump the web interface all together!