Gmail gets five new themes

When Google rolled out Gmail themes two years ago, users were ecstatic. Not only did they offer users the ability to express themselves on what's arguably a person's most visited site each day, it also allowed them to create their own themes, should they so choose.

Yesterday, Google decided to add a lot to their theme arsenal. On the Official Gmail Blog, Google has unveiled five new themes to satisfy the yearnings of users who felt ignored two years ago. The new themes are Basic Black, Basic White, Android, Tree Tops, and Marker.

Google explains their inspiration for the new themes in a back and forth conversation between two Googlers. The Black and White themes are aimed at nothing more than simplicity. With the Android theme, Google wanted to accommodate its loyal green alien lovers. Tree Tops and and Marker seem more in line with older themes. Tree Tops is subtle and aims for a relaxed feeling, while Marker has more of a "handmade," childish feeling.

To give the new themes a try, go to your Settings in Gmail. Then, select Themes. You should now see them in your list. Below are examples of each:

Black and White


Tree Tops


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Almost like they saw that I had trouble finding a proper theme the other day and thus created better ones for meeeeee ty googel <3

they all still have that giant compose mail button. I hate that. why couldn't be just a text link like the other buttons above it (mail, contacts...)

I actually like them all minus Tree Tops. Currently using Android but can definitely see myself switch to Basic White or Black very soon.

nifke said,
Is this news? just another css file. My god... just because it is google. lol

I thought the same exact thing. Must be a slow news day or something.

hotdog963al said,
Same here, subliminally tells me what the weather is too ;p
Exactly... I like the fact the background change from time to time and that it's not annoying (like too much).

Treetops is basically the grass theme with leaves (same colors on everything else), but they're still all very nice!

Mike said,

They already have been, for me anyway.

I kinda can't believe the logo doesn't swap around on the themes if the domain uses the default logo but whatever. I'll stick to what I like but some of the effect is lost otherwise.