Gmail, Google Drive and other Google apps experiencing small service disruption [Update - back up]

If you have been trying to log into your Gmail account and have been unable to do so, you are not alone. A number of Gmail users have taken to Twitter to report they cannot log into their Gmail service; there also appears to be problems with other users with logging into Google Drive at the moment.

Google's own App Status Dashboard page does show what appears to be a partial service disruption, but at the moment it does not appear to be covering all users of Google's online services. It also does not appear to be affecting services such as Google Calendar, Google Talk and others.

Google has not announced what might be causing these problems nor when they believe they will be addressed. Of course, we will update this post when these issues are fixed.

Update: Google's status website now says all of their online services are up and running fully.

Source: Google Apps Status Dashboard | Image via Google

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Shrug. The new compose experience in Gmail finally got so awful that they successfully drove me away. Color me happier over at, where things are cleaner.

Let's get all the stupid comments out of the way right here:
DOOHOO Google so bad! You don't have any privacy, wear tin foil hats. Like OMG everyone! Switch to like Outlook and like Office 365 like OMG. Value my comments everyone... value them.

it is not a small outage, they did not work, Google Drive is just back, but the sync is not ok on the PC

and as Expected, my Chromebook was not able to access the files