Gtalk users hit by spam attack after outage

After the widespread Gmail outage yesterday users were hit by a phishing attack over the Gtalk chat client.

"The malicious message spread via the Google Talk instant messaging chat system, urging users to a video by clicking on a link connected via the TinyURL service. The link points to a website called ViddyHo, which invited users to submit their Gmail usernames and passwords."

When users entered their credentials the information would be logged and the email account would be compromised. If you think you may have been subjected to this attack it is advised you change your password immediately

The attack was not immediately picked up by Google either because it did not use conventional means. By using the Gtalk client it bypassed the Gmail filters completely.

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Mail was slow yesterday, but today, IMAP doesn't even want to log in. The funny thing is I switched to google apps only a few days ago from having it hosted on my ASO account. So far I'm not very pleased.

right, (cause no bank manager would open a line of credit for a talking moose, unless he was very well dressed)

the masses are the asses.

Didn't stuff like this happen a long long time ago on AIM? I've gotten spammers trying to add me as well on WLM...

Just curious if this is a real attack or more of a common thing for messenger users.

People still put in their login details in random forms they were sent from random contacts... Security problems will always be a problem because we have humans as the final point of security...

People who put their account details into sites that pretend to be official sites are stupid enough, but putting them into a site that doesn't even pretend to be Gmail? That's just idiotic. Anyone who fell for that doesn't deserve to own a computer.

rakeshishere said,
Gmail hot hacked? ...... B/w, Google Talk is so simple and lame

Simple yes, which is why all my friends use it. No bloat, just a way of chatting/voice chatting to your friends. You don't need anything more than that.