GoG.com offers two free Worlds of Ultima games

Everyone likes things for free. So, in the spirit of letting you know about some free stuff, we wanted to give you the heads-up that GoG.com has just released two classic Ultima games that you can download and play for free, thanks to Ultima's current owners Electronic Arts.

The two free games are actually in the Worlds of Ultima series. This is a spin-off from the main Ultima line of fantasy RPG games, mainly because these two titles don't take place in the series' location of Britannia.

The first game, released in 1990, is titled Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire. It takes place after the events of Ultima VI, where the Avatar is transported to another world filled with lost cities and dinosaurs (think Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World). In fact, the world the Avatar has been transported to is an alternate version of Earth.

The second free game, first released in 1991, is titled Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams. This time, the Avatar goes back in time on this alternative Earth to the late 19th century, where he and others are shot from a cannon to Mars. Yes, now we are going into Jules Verne territory with this game.

We would love to see some kind of revival of this pulp adventure-RPG series. Sounds like a Kickstarter project for us.

Source: GoG.com | Image via EA

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I'm not saying there is or was and neither is my bank. It's just that for some reason it threw up a red flag and they called me. It's more of a pain to buy from them when there are other options.

goofyinthehead said,
My bank flagged them as possibly being shifty. I know they are not but I'm in no hurry to order a game from them anytime soon.

Your bank is mistaken. They've been around for years now and millions of people have bought games from them, not to mention all the big gaming companies they do business with. To think there is anything shifty about them is absurd.