Goodbye, TechEd; hello, Microsoft's Unified Technology Event for Enterprises [Update]

For over two decades, TechEd has been Microsoft's main annual conference for developers and IT pros, but that's all about to change. It was rumoured in January that this year's TechEd may be its last, although the company played down those rumors and assured its community that TechEd was here to stay

Oh TechEd, how we shall miss your queues 

But it was not to be, as Microsoft has now confirmed that there will be no TechEd in 2015. Instead, there will be a new 'Unified Technology Event for Enterprises', also consolidating the Microsoft Management Summit, and separate Lync, SharePoint and Exchange conferences, into the new single super-event. It will be begin on May 4, 2015, in Chicago and more details will be revealed about what to expect this September. 

Those of you already rolling your eyes at the name should note that 'Microsoft's Unified Technology Event for Enterprises' is an interim descriptor, rather than a final name for the conference, which has not yet been revealed. The event is not expected to replace BUILD, or the Worldwide Partner Conference, which Microsoft has already put in its 2015 diary, to be held in Orlando. 

What do you think Microsoft's new event should be called? Let us know below if you have any good suggestions!

Source: Microsoft 

Update: There's been some confusion over whether or not TechEd is actually 'dead', given that the original post stated: "If you've attended TechEd or Microsoft Management Summit, this the place to be" (emphasis: Microsoft's). Referring to TechEd alongside the the now-defunct Management Summit, and then saying that the new event is the place to be, led to the confusion. 

A further post, this one by Steven Guggenheimer on the Visual Studio blog, states: "To be clear, TechEd lives on. This event will be part of TechEd, co locating with that event to ensure the world of IT gets optimal access to all of the resources in one place." 

So TechEd isn't dead - the company is simply incorporating other events into a single larger TechEd event - although there remains precisely zero clarity on why Microsoft referred to the "Unified Technology Event for Enterprises", since it's now trying to make it clear that everything will be part of a single TechEd experience. 

This tweet from journo Jon Hassell seems to sum things up pretty well: 


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Way too much re branding. I lost my faith in MS services years ago when they would just close something down if it didn't become better than the competition already in place before it.

Umm... if you actually read the article there is no actual re-branding. It could very well be called the same thing or something that makes more sense for enterprises. TechEd sounds like something for educational institutions. And plus who cares, it's an event not an actual product.

Actually i dont know what TechEd is, and its sound like an event based on Education. Technology in Education? Naah.. after reading for a while, just notice that TechEd is some kind of enterprise event. So whats the difference with WPC? Maybe Microsoft want to make easier to remember event. because i think, microsoft have too many name, too many event. i love how simple google or Apple did their event. heck, i love how BUILD is. its simple. a place for BUILDing something. IMO

You can say education is a fairly accurate way of describing the event (though I have no idea if that was their intention). The purpose of TechEd was to educate IT Pros on the latest from MS. So it wasn't about the education market so much as about the literal use of the word education (in my understanding).

Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) has a different purpose. It is to educate Partners about new offerings from MS in a sales focused manner. No so much the nuts and bolts as much as it is about "here is how you convince them to buy this and here are the details on the byzantine licensing model".

BUILD also has a different focus... It is about detailing new tooling and APIs for ISVs and developers building on the MS stack.

What do you think Microsoft's new event should be called? Let us know below if you have any good suggestions!

What exactly necessitates a change in name? Why can't they just roll these meetings together and still call it TechEd?

Because MS has a certain way about it... That way is to find out how they can ruin any branding value they have at all costs.

They rebrand far too much and often in cases where it is far from needed; such as here.