Google: 3 New Experimental Views for Web Search

Back in May 2007, Google created an experimental search page to let its users try out some of the company's new ideas. "Alternate views", for example, allows the user to visualize their search results in new ways. The search giant seems to be constantly looking for different web search approaches in order to stay ahead of the competition. Users can opt-in to try the new ideas out, and take a survey to give the company feedback. Now, Google has introduced three additional views:

  • Map view – This view plots the key locations contained in the user's search results onto a map. After scrolling or zooming the map, a user can click on the "Update Results" button near the top left corner of the map to show more results just in that area.
  • Timeline view – This view plots key dates contained in the user's search results onto a timeline graph that has higher bars to represent a larger number of unique dates. Clicking anywhere on the graph allows the user to zoom in to that particular period of time. The user can also use a text box to the right to specify any range of years, months, or days.
  • Info view – This view adds a control panel on the right side of the page that allows users to change what information is shown below each result. Usually this area displays some text from the page that includes a few of the words searched for, but this can be changed to reveal text containing dates, locations, measurements, or images.

Link: Google Experimental Search

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Internet searches can result in an overwhelming number of inappropriate results, even when you understand advanced
searching techniques. Far too many web sites are after people's clicks, making searching tiresome.

People are abandoning the "main stream media" to get their news, because they are finding out that to much of it is either controlled or owned by big business. Any Ron Paul (US presidential candidate 2008 ) supporter will know how his name is does not even reach the Orwellian "memory hole", as it never gets reported in the first place. The main stream media are overseeing their own demise. But will the Internet be censored, my answer is, "they'll try it!"

Google need to "up the bar" Go Google... Go Google!

Regardless - I haven't seen it about at all. I was interested in the timeline view...that was quite handy. The map view was a novelty however...nice to see where these sites are/stories originate.

It's clever though...Google, unlike a lot of companies now, are not hiding their work in progress', they are airing them at an early stage (Gmail is still beta apparently!!)