Google acquires VirusTotal

VirusTotal has been acquired by Google: the company announced the operation on its blog, while trying to assure that the well-known antivirus/antimalware on-line service will continue to operate as usual. Furthermore, by working as a Google subsidiary the company will improve faster than ever.

The VirusTotal blog states that continuous improvement for its services is being challenged by the need to cope with limited resources for growing; a situation that the acquisition by a rich and “long-time partner” like Google will surely change for good.

The acquisition is a good news for users and “a bad news for malware generators”, VirusTotal stated, because thanks to Google “the quality and power of our malware research tools will keep improving” faster and “Google’s infrastructure will ensure that our tools are always ready, right when you need them”.

Being acquired by the Mountain View giant won’t mean the end of the current VirusTotal brand and services, though: the company assures that the existing partnerships with “other” antivirus companies and security experts will be maintained as such.

Source: VirusTotal blog

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Maybe its to keep Gmail attachments safer or something. Also it could be used to scan incoming attachments for google drive and other google services that allows people to send files.


VirusTotal will certainly benefit from the increased resources Google can provide. It is certainly an interesting move by Google.


Aryeh Goretsky

It would be nice to see them integrate this into Chrome or something...

I'm just worried that some time in the future, Google's going to shut it down. I hate it when big companies do that.

jorel009 said,
i dont get it...why did Google buy them? whats the angle?

I can absolutely see Google doing something like building it into Chrome, so when a file is downloading it's automatically checked via VT.

Too late you already are wearing it...hahahaha

rippleman said,
grab your free tinfoil hat on your way to the drinking area

calimike said,
I expect more false positives incoming

Why? VirusTotal gets its results from other anti-malware vendors, all this means is that more files will be checked and checked faster.

It would be interesting if they did something similar throwing hashes of downloaded files towards virustotal to check for viruses