Google Analytics Gets a Makeover

Google Incorporated has revamped Google Analytics, improving and expanding the data reporting capabilities of the Web site usage monitoring service. The overall goal of this upgrade is to make the product more intuitive to use and its data clearer and easier to digest, so that it can be used effectively to make business decisions, said Brett Crosby, Google Analytics senior manager. To that end, the user interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and the product has gained new ways of presenting Web usage information and of displaying and delivering reports, he said. Google has also added what it calls "plain language" descriptions of the data, to make it more understandable. Google Analytics also allows the scheduling of automatic creation and e-mail delivery of reports. Google will begin rolling out the Google Analytics upgrade on Tuesday, and it expects to finish it in a few weeks, Crosby said.

Knowing how people arrive at their Web sites and what they do once they are there helps webmasters make their sites more effective tools for displaying online ads, providing sales leads and generating e-commerce transactions. Google entered the Web analysis market a little over two years ago when it acquired Urchin, whose technology forms the basis for the Analytics service.

News source: PC World

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Google Analytics is powerful, but for someone who just runs a fairly small website, its probably too powerful (at least the current/old version is). Its too stuck in "marketing" terminology in a way. I think thats what they're fixing with this new version - I hope so anyway.

Just a note:

Quote - Google
Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating all existing Analytics accounts to the new Google Analytics interface. You will be notified by email once your account has been migrated. For an entire month you will be able to access both the original interface and the new interface. During the migration, you should experience no interruption in service and you'll be able to see all of your data regardless of which interface you use. For a sneak peek at the new Google Analytics, take a look at the following resources.

Looks like it'll take a couple days/weeks to get everyone moved over.
*Tries to wait patiently*

I must not have saw any of the new stuff, as it still looks, sounds, and feels like the old Analytics, at least that's how it is on my five domains.