Google and Samsung reportedly working on new Nexus 10

Google has barely launched a new version of its successful Nexus 7 tablet but the rumors have already begun as to when we’ll see the next version of the Nexus 10.

The Nexus 10 is a ten-inch tablet that runs the latest version of Android and it’s built by Samsung. Google’s Sundar Pichai, told a Wall Street Journal reporter that they’re already working hard on the next version.

The Nexus 10 is expected to only receive a minor bump in specs and 3G/LTE connectivity. As for when we might see it launch, October seems to be a likely target. It coincides with the 1-year anniversary of the original Nexus 10 and it also coincides with some rumoured dates for the launch of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

We’ll have to wait and see if this time-frame turns out to be accurate but there’s little doubt that we’ll hear more info in the following weeks and months.

Source: Amir Efrati | Image via Google

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I've got a Nexus 10 and mostly just use it for video demos and some light reading. I've never had any issues with the processor lagging on anything for the year I've had it and reading is a pleasure with the resolution. If I could change some things, WIRELESS CHARGING would be a huge plus, an SD card slot so I could retire my 32GB OTG dongle (of course they won't do this) and finally if they could shave a pound it could actually be used as a one handed reader. Overall, it's been a great device, I really want a W8 detachable screen laptop with a little bigger screen that has decent specs and comes in under $600, which I thought would be here by now along with the $200 tablets (remember that?). Surface RT isn't even a consideration and Pro isn't priced right for me. If I had to do it all over again, if you can stomach Apple's ecosystem, Ipads are very compelling.

I would have to agree w/ you. Win RT is garbage, the only option for Windows is Pro, and those devices are no-where near competitive price-wise. They are however, getting there. The newer released ones that have come out recently are roughly $150-200 cheaper than the ones that came out w/ Windows 8 Launch last year. But still, seeing as the launch devices last year were $800-900 for an crappy Atom-based machine w/ garbage specs. Now, they are $600-700 for the same crap. I think Atom-based, less-than 1080 resolution devices should be $400-500. The higher-end models should be $600-800. That would hit the sweet-spot in terms of pricing for me.

I think we can safely expect resolution to remain same, processor to be bumped incrementally, RAM to go upto 4GB, Bluetooth 4.0, slight bump in camera specs, and perhaps LTE version too .. going by the Nexus 7 specs.

I doubt the screen resolution will be higher. There will probably be just more memory, snapdragon 800/tegra 4, more storage and better cameras.