Google Android Just A Press Release, Says Ballmer

Google's plans to enter the mobile industry with a cell phone platform might have impressed many in the industry but not Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and one of Google's biggest competitors.

Ballmer sidestepped a request to make any specific comments on the Android software platform during a Tokyo news conference Thursday. "Well of course, their efforts are just some words on paper right now; it's hard to do a very clear comparison [with Windows Mobile]," he said.

Ballmer noted the success his company has had with its Windows Mobile platform, which commands a sizeable share of the smartphone market, especially in North America. Windows Mobile is on 150 handset models and available from over 100 different mobile operators, he said. Microsoft will likely license 20 million Windows Mobile handsets this year, he added.

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" free google version of office" --> if a Office 2007 like invovative approach gets into windows mobile, then free google version of office wont be compelling enough.

hes jealous because like with the free google version of office, they will get pwnt and eveyone will relise that ms products are cheap garbage, switch to the easier and cheaper alternative... prolly 20X faster as well

I was kind of disappointed by the Andriod announcement. I looked for screenshots or some kind of work-in-progress, but didn't see anything. From my point of view, it seems like a bunch of jargon so far. I will wait for some substantive details before making a decision.

Personally, I am pretty happy with WM 6.0. No big qualms what so ever. It has some interface quirks, but I use Wisbar so, that is all cleared up. The nice thing with WM is that any drawbacks I've found so far have been fixed by installing a program. In a way, it is kind of like FireFox in that it may have less bells and whistles out of the box, but you can just pick and choose what extensions you want and what you don't.