Google awarded patent to create comic strips from conversations

Google has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which details the process of converting virtual conversations between people into comic strip format.

The patent, which would enable development of technology for "Self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications", was approved on 31st December by the USPTO. The process described in the patent includes selecting past conversations and converting them into comic strips which can be shared to various social networks.

It is observed in the conceptual images, that users will be able to customize the comic strips with various themes in addition to cartoon versions of themselves. One of the images from the patent filing mentions the word "kwips" in referring to the comic strip which could be a suggested name for the service if and when it becomes a reality.

Google mentions that the comic strips can be used in multiple situations which may not necessarily be funny, such as conversations between politicians, in order to better present the flow rather than regular text on social networks.

As with all patent filings such as the curved iPhone, it's anyone's guess whether the technology will ever become a reality, but the concept as presented in the filing looks quite interesting and may even revolutionize some aspects of conversing over the internet.

Source: USPTO via Engadget

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Weird patent picture, coming from Google: it shows a link to Orkut but none to Google+.

I know Orkut is still somewhat big in Brasil, but does anyone actually use it anywhere else?

Microsoft Comic Chat....can chat as a comic. Google's patent...takes past convos and makes them in to a comic. I dont see any problem with this and no reason anyone will sue Google. Different ideas here.

Did anyone here read the what the difference between Google's patent and Microsoft Comic Chat is? It is not the same thing.

Edited by techbeck, Jan 2 2014, 8:27pm :

Rohdekill said,
Maybe because I'm older than 12.

But a lot of computer/internet users aren't. You can never be to young to get you sucked into whatever company's ecosystem.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Google for bringing back fond memories of another company's product.

I'd forgotten about MS Comic Chat for years.

But as anyone who's RTFA would know, this isn't actually infringing on MS here. This isn't about chatting in comic form--it's about taking a conversation and essentially sharing it (to social networks, email, whatever) redrawn as if it were a comic strip.

Which actually reminds me more of something I've been seeing in my newsfeed lately and I never figured out the source. But suddenly a bunch of Yahoo-avatar style characters are acting out scenes my friends are putting together and sharing and I don't get where this all started.

Lawsuit based on what?

The only thing they could (and maybe should) do is submit proof of prior art to get the patent invalidated.

Cyborg_X said,
Patent for ripped off ancient app. Does the patent office even research this sh*t anymore?

If you hold a patent it is up to you to proactively"defend" it. Patents and Trademarks lawyers are even more profitable than divorce ones because you pay the firm to monitor new filings that could "conflict" with your owned ones.

I know it is not the same but didn't Microsoft used to have a chat program built in the old Windows 95/98. It was part of NetMeeting I believe where you could chat with cartoon characters?

"the concept as presented in the filing looks quite interesting and may even revolutionize some aspects of conversing over the internet"

Was that written by someone at the Google PR department? I can't imagine this being even slightly interesting.

0sit0 said,
can someone set up a server so we can connect again? lol... I just downloaded the program
You can connect to any irc server.