Google beefs up its wearables arsenal; acquires WIMM Labs

Google is not being shy about entering the wearable technology market.  

They dove in head first with their bold Glass project, which was met with a pretty warm reception despite early privacy concerns.  Now, their newly discovered acquisition of WIMM Labs shows that they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.  Google does not want to be late to the party on this one.  But, if you are into parties and smartwatches, Samsung (might) be beating them to the punch launching the Galaxy Gear next week (we hope they have balloons).  Continuing on, this acquisition of Google comes to no surprise among rumors that Apple too is working on wearable technology.  With all the big players throwing in chips, there's no reason why Google would want to sit out and spectate at a distance.

The marriage of WIMM Labs and Google makes a lot of sense as the WIMM One, WIMM Labs' one and only product, ran Android 2.1 atop a custom design UI.  This throws out the welcome mat and puts Google right at home.  With an OS whose roots are already tapped into the Android environment, it makes it easy for Google to adapt WIMM's software for its own needs.  In addition, with the acquisition Google gains WIMM's own "micro" app store, dev program, and a small legion of willing developers, not to mention their smartwatch building know-how.  Google is quite possibly looking to polish up WIMM's head start into the wrist technology arena to take on the emerging wearable market full force. 

If they were to dish out a mainstream and easy-to-use smartwatch, the game is still young enough that they could take it all the way to the bank.

Source: GigaOm | WIMM Watch Image via Technabob

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Louisifer said,
I can imagine the headlines already "Google invades your privacy.. and your girlfriend"

Yes, but they could do it under an Ads Against AIDS campaign.

Quikboy said,
But that hasn't really happened much since Windows 7???

Tell that to my friend who got a "FBI" Virus on his computer running Windows 7.

Quikboy said,
I've had that before once as well. It happens when you go around sketchy sites that seem to get in very easily

Sketchy sites are the common ones most young males go to.

To each his own, but wearable (high) tech isn't for me. The most you'll find me wearing, technology wise, are my headphones and a fine mechanical watch

The articles and titles these days are written in a confusing way. Or is it me being too tired to understand?

Is the acquisition of WIMM recent or did it happen a year ago?

WIMM Labs entered an "exclusive agreement" about a year ago and it has recently come to light that Google was behind this agreement/acquisition. I apologize for the confusion.