Google browser rumors surface again

It's interesting to see the Google browser rumors make their way to the surface again. Netconcepts search strategist Chris Smith recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of the search company entering the browser wars, and several of his points are attention grabbers.

First up is the noted fact that Google had registered a "" domain name, which would lead one to believe that some sort of interest exists in such a browser. On the other hand, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said in the past that the company would build a browser only if there were a real user benefit.

So, would there be a user benefit? Yes and no. As Google comes up with more and more applications, the usefulness of a browser of their own increases both for the user, who can then access more intensive applications with higher speed, and Google, who can then deliver these more intensive applications. In other words, the "thin client" model can only go so far.

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maybe they just registered the domain so other people don't try to steal it and then make money off of it if they DO develop one.

acxz said,
As long as they don't make it web-based, eh?

Damn, beat me to it ;)

Maybe they'll use Apollo, thus bringing the whole Web 2.1 nonsense full-circle...

Lasker said,
I hope they don't do the same **** that Netscape did, having the firefox engine built-in. I would like to see a google browser from scratch with their own engine.

You are smoking crack. Nobody needs yet another rendering engine. It's enough pain in the rear to support 2 - 3 broken versions of IE, Firefox and Opera (when feasible), now a 4th one? Hell f***g no!

They should just team up with Firefox. There is no point to create another browser when all it does are all the same.

No way (no one need another bloated browser), it's way better to create a new browser from scratch with the power of firefox and the speed of Safari.

I see no need for the GBrowser when they're so friendly with Safari and Firefox as it is. I would say a Google fork of Firefox would be good.

I wouldn't think it would be a whole *new* fork... maybe something as simple as a Google branded version of Firefox.

After all, Moz's marketing monkeys are looking for new ways to get the Firefox name into the typical household (and keep it there).

The Google Pack comes with Firefox with the Google Toolbar pre-installed. I can't see how Google can brand themselves into it any better than that without being accused of simply bloating it.

"" can mean anything, or not? Some site where the user can search for content inside For example google users can publish a profile or whatever. There could be many reasons why google own this domain. For me this is only a rumor, not more or less.

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