Google buys another startup, Agnilux

Another day and another startup has been acquired by Google.  This time Google purchased Agnilux for an undisclosed amount of money.  Little is known about the company but many believe that they may be in the process of making a new server chip.

Google has been making its own servers for several years and this startup may fit into their portfolio to help expand their current server operations.  If true, it’s one less piece of the server hardware that Google would have to purchase outside of its own company walls.

Another interesting fact is that Agnilux is made up of several former Apple and Tivo personnel.  While it’s likely that the chip they are designing is for servers, there is also the possibility that it may be some sort of media type processor too.  Google has shown interest in wanting to get into the cable box market and if the chip was media centric, this could be their method of entering the marketplace. 

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Strike X said,
"Google Airline" with unlimited free internet

Im sure that would happen.

Cloud computing anyone?

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ivdubvr6i said,

Na they'd be in the pastry department. Google cookies, eclairs and donuts

Haha hell yes, google cookies my god.

stoshrocket said,

Cloud Burgers! Upload and eat your food on the go on any device, anywhere and everywhere!

But think of all the junk food, flooding your Inbox. America will become even fatter D: