Google Chrome Browser Vulnerable to Security Flaw

A security researcher has published proof-of-concept code showing Google Chrome is vulnerable to an attack targeting an old version of WebKit and a Java bug. News of the flaw came Sept. 2, not long after Google officials announced the launch of the Chrome browser's beta program. A security researcher has discovered a flaw in the beta version of Google's Chrome browser that can lead to Windows users downloading malicious Java files.

According to the ZDNET security blog, Israeli security researcher Aviv Raff has released proof-of-concept code that targets a vulnerability in an old version of WebKit being used by the Google browser as well as a Java bug. With a little social engineering, users can be tricked into downloading malware onto Windows desktops.

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You knew it was a security flaw just because it has Googles name on it. You knew they would use every single bit of personal info acquired just from browsing the web because it's Google.

Browser stinks!!

Sooner or later, we don't have to make a full switch to Google Chrome Browser.

All it takes is for Firefox and Internet Explorer to take
the nice threading and sandboxing principles of Google Chrome
into the next versions.

(With the exception of IE8, where each Tab belongs to a separate process already)