Google cracking down on YouTube copyright infringements

Google has vowed to take better care of copyright infringement on YouTube, the company it recently bought out for $1.65B. It is believed that many lawsuits previously were held back, because YouTube was a small, new company, but now that Google owns it, it's gloves off for the copyright enforcers.

When a comment was made about YouTube having a rule against copyright infringement, a Google representative replied that when material that infringes copyright is put onto Google Video, it is removed, but cannot speak for YouTube because the takeover of the company is not quite complete.

News source: BBC
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Does no one recall the content deals YouTube made with entertainment giants CBS, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, NBC and Warner Music Group???

Those deals effectively proved that video sites could effectively work with the copyright holders instead of against. And I'm sure that played a role in what Google offered. Sure there will be lawsuits, but the end result after those are filed & then negotiated will probably be more deals like the one's YouTube made before.

Ever watched a Daily Show segment or a full Colbert Report episode on YouTube?? They were the pleasures of life. you'd watch them then comment on how much you loved it or how smart Jon is or how funny Colbert is... good times...

now...what do we get? 5 minutes of CBS crap. and how about commenting on how crap it was, you say? no, you can't even do that..because CBS isn't even game enough to let people comment on the videos.

if that's what YouTube is going to become then I'm not going to be a part of it.

don't even get me started on the stupid amateur videos in YouTube...the only reason I watched them is to kill time until another Colbert episode was posted or a TV drama I watched... and when I did watch the amateurs I'd just post some comment on how much their stupid video sucked. they're thinking they're "stars" now that they're popular on a huge site like YouTube, but they're just fillers for all the good stuff we used to get.

let's just sit now and watch YouTube drop like a dead fly.

if they had announced this before they purchased youtube.... the price would have probably quartered :P it was only a matter of time though .... bye countless episodes of scrubs!

So I guess the only videos left on YouTube will be crappy home videos of people dancing and lip-syncing to "Vogue".

As I've said before to a similar thread, YIPPIE MORE LONLEYGIRL15 and RENNETTO AND MORBACK! It's going to be great! All kinds of boring people vloggin'!

Yep, great news! I've always wanted to see more of what the bedrooms of various dropkicks and losers look like, along with their highly cogent thoughts on politics, the world today, and the latest in popular culture. Screw hearing from people who actually have an education or original thoughts and ideas - let's give a louder voice to the zeros of this world!! Viva YouTube!

oh god, I know you're being sarcastic and your comment truly did make me laugh-- but let us not mention the one that starts with R. D=<

did you guys ever watch his videos and think "this guy thinks he the king of YouTube" ...well I did!!! annoying piece of shallot!

OH MAN and his latest video trying to be all serious about child sexual abuse when he puts a picture of his daughter as the thumbnail?!

............ok sorry this isnt the place. I'll stop ranting.

From a business perspective it makes sense. If you owned Google, you'd want to avoid numerous copyright lawsuits which are posted in the media, ending up giving negative impressions to you investors.

I'm sure if neowin made serious money, they too would start looking at all the copyright violations going on (I.E. member's avatars and photos used, use of corporate identity logos without permission) and put an end to it.

I really don't know what Google was doing buying out YouTube. It was quite obvious it hadn't been sued yet because it once was worth nothing (company wise). Google has a lot of money waiting to be milked from their coffers by people chasing copyright infringements. Removing the infringements removes the reason why so many look at the site.

well after they loss serious traffic to the site. maybe they will learn not everything can be made into free advertisng dollars.

i doubt they will

Google will probably file a huge 'business loss' on its taxes....with you tube being so new..and bought for so much..i'm sure there is more going on in the background that is being known...but I love how the 'hawks' waited for the chicken to get meat on its bones before they attacked...LOL

Seriously what was ever the big deal about YouTube? Blurry videos of idiots dancing to commercial music is hardly "innovation". The only smart people associated with youtube are the guys who sold it for a fortune... everyone else just got sucked in by Tech Bubble 2.0.

Another small company will be born and create a lot of fuss, then another big internet co. will buy it over. then the big co. cut all the good reasons why the small creative co. has existed, then the bought-over small co. will exist in its name only.

the cycle continues...

We have seen enough of the corporate and legal crap, and that innovation get killed by them.

ummm.... the small creative co. that the big co. bought will have million of counterparts. eg(veoh, etc etc for youtube)
that the show continues.
off topic but: same as napster explosion, got lot's of counterparts, and look what we have now. limewire. =)

predict the future of youtube:

With over half of the videos deleted from copyright infringements, people stopped visiting the once popular site.

. . . and another new site will pop up, be popular for a few years, be bought out, and the cycle will continue.

Quote - cooljerk_dv said @ #9
predict the future of youtube:

With over half of the videos deleted from copyright infringements, people stopped visiting the once popular site.

. . . and another new site will pop up, be popular for a few years, be bought out, and the cycle will continue.


So, youtube gonna become insignificant in how many months if this is done?
Who bet?

Why not to blame who has put the video on, and not the machine who is opening the space to put videos?

Call something Paradise, kiss it good bye.

I would expect that in about a year people will be asking, "you what?"