Google Docs Aims At Microsoft Office Live With 'Gears'

Google took an important step forward Monday in its rivalry with Microsoft Office Live, reporting that Google Docs will allow users to edit word processing documents offline.
Google said users of its Google Docs word processing application can use Google Gears to save and then edit documents without being connected to the Internet.

"Cloud computing is great, but you need the cloud to make it work," Philip Tucker, software engineer, Google Docs, wrote in a Google blog. "On an airplane, on the shuttle commuting to work, or at home when my cable modem goes down, I want to work on my documents. And, until now, that usually meant saving a copy and editing on the desktop.

"Now there's a better solution. With Google Docs offline, I can take my little piece of the cloud with me wherever I go," Tucker added. "Once enabled, I have a local version of my document list and editors, along with my documents."

The editing feature, Google Gears, is an application programming interface introduced by Google more than a year ago to application developers to create Web applications that can run offline.

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When Google docs gets as feature rich as Microsoft Word, then maybe i'll get it ago. The big problem here, is although AJAX is a great methodology, it's never going to match the fidelity of working on a software client-side solution. It is too much work on the browser's rendering engine.

The Ubuntu cola isn't actually product-related, it happens to be a totally separate product that Ubuntu also found I think.....

i hate Google, too!

(sorry, just saw you two on a roll, and hated to break the trend) :P

Don't Apple and Microsoft both branch out into other technology-related areas? I say we should band together and hate all companies that are into activities outside their core business!

Next Google will be making a game console... then their own coffee... then their own aircraft.

How about they get over themselves and stick to the one thing they can actually do well: search.

The whole "do no evil" thing isn't even a joke now it's just a load of crap.

(C_Guy said @ #2)
Next Google will be making a game console... then their own coffee...

Yeah, and Microsoft should stick to making cola instead of software, at least they couldn't screw that up. Or could they? I hope you don't find any bugs in this Microsoft product.

Yes, it's inevitable, Google is going to have to start making soft drinks too, if Ubuntu is doing it:

So...Google back into Client? Didnt they say Web can do anything?!!

Well, we need our document in our PC or laptop all the time...and for further edit or information purpose we save it online (or send via email)...

So in basic, most of us use office..and will this process turn up towards all time web & sometime desktop? I dont think so..

Google search is good...and i am not sure why it tries to get into all sectors..(it failed in Google Pack...& didnt google pack had Staroffice?)!!