Google expanding into domain registration service sector

For most modern businesses, it's important to have an online presence, yet many still haven't created their own websites. Google is hoping to decrease the amount of businesses without websites through its new domain registration service.

The latest research from Google reveals that many businesses (possibly even most) don't have a consumer website, as up to 55 percent of enterprises have failed to register a domain name. Google is now looking to target some small business owners that are lacking an online presence, by offering a domain registration service. The company hope get a slice of the multi-billion dollar industry dominated by the likes of GoDaddy and Crazy Domains.

Its new Google Domains service will allow customers to search, find, purchase and transfer domain names, including top-level domains such as .com, .biz, .org, similar to existing registration services.

Google Domains will be released alongside the existing Google My Business, as the company aims to expand its business application services. Digital Spy reports customers can keep ensure their details will remain confidential for no extra cost and will receive phone and email support, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Google Domains is currently in beta and available to small businesses via invitation.

Source: Google via Digital Spy | Image via Google

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I'd like to see MS offer this as part of 365, keeping it all in one place and in a single dashboard with your domain based email taken care of end to end (registering /renewing/setting dns).

I coud argue , and some people might have a point in disagreeing, that their certifcate management is (or should be part) of their registrar service. They aren't handling that part very well.

And those upsells. Only shady upstarts and douchebag corporations do that, which in the real world means everybody save a few people here and there.

Mr.XXIV said,
Microsoft already registers domains..

no they don't. I have so many azure and 365 websites but I have all domains registered with godaddy. but they should have domain registration, make things simpler.

They have to offer some goodies as those business they wish to target will hire someone to get it done for them since if those businesses haven't done it yet, then there is a good chance that they dont have anyone in house to get it done for them..